Pick of the Clicks – Green All Around

A few weeks ago, I created a page on this blog called Pick of the Clicks.  The concept is to post a favorite nature picture with either a short story or a poem.  I have decided to mix Pick of the Clicks in with regular blog posts to add variety to the home page and to keep things a bit simpler for me since my schedule these days is a bit hectic.

This week’s Pick of the Clicks is a photo taken early in the morning of very green grass.  In my travels of the morning, I found green to be the dominant color of the landscape and was inspired to write the poem below.

Source: Lisa A. Wisniewski

Source: Lisa A. Wisniewski

Green All Around

Green all around
In the trees and the ground,
In the grass of the fields
As time passes to reveal
The many gifts of nature’s art
Speaking to lift the spirit and the heart.

Green all around
In the deep quiet that abounds
In the early morning hours
As the curling flowers
Unfold with the sun’s rays
To extol the blessings of the day.

Green all around
In the sea that surrounds
The essence of life itself
Graced by the Lord’s help
To lead the soul above and beyond
With love from God
Through each day
In a variety of ways.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski
May 1, 2015

Look for another post in few days explaining the science behind the green color in grass and other plants.


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