Pick of the Clicks – May Clouds

Clouds in the blue May sky Lisa A. Wisniewski

Clouds in the blue May sky
Lisa A. Wisniewski

Watching the sky change colors is one of my favorite things to do.  The other day, I found myself watching the clouds moving from west to east amid a blue sky.  After snapping some pictures, I was inspired to write the poem below.

May Clouds

Solace in the distance of the morning light
Bringing into existence the day made bright
By the colors all around
Beneath the stellar May clouds
Moving slowly above the earth below,
Carefully turning the shadows
Of the night skies
Into the past in the wake of time.

The quiet of the stillness around
Awakens the soul walking upon the ground,
Contemplating nature’s art and ways
Allowing the heart to dip and sway
In the dance of life upon the ground
Beneath the stance of the May clouds,
Made possible upon the journey
By the grace of learning.

In the heavenly blue sea,
May the truth be
Made known
As the day goes
Onward with time’s resonating sound
Amid the May clouds.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski
May 15, 2015

While watching the clouds and the sky, I started to wonder what makes the colors change.  Look for another post in the next few days that will explain the science behind the color changes.


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