Pick of the Clicks – June Sunrise

June Sunrise of Inspiration Lisa A. Wisniewski

June Sunrise of Inspiration
Lisa A. Wisniewski

Although the weather in my area has been unusually cloudy and rainy for this time of year, I have had the pleasure seeing some stellar sunrises.  One sunrise in particular left me pondering time and how life keeps moving us along.  It inspired me to write the poem below:

Time’s Path

Watching the sun rise and set
Allows the soul to become wise and content,
For in the shade
The Lord conveys
Messages to be seen and heard
Along with lessons to be learned.
A change in color
May make the experience ordinary or stellar,
Depending upon one’s frame of mind
And what God needs us to find
As we travel time’s path along the way
And life unravels in the blessings of our days.

In the clouds that come and go,
Life spins around as we travel the road,
Sometimes aware of our surroundings,
Other times lost in despair and floundering,
Yet always in the Lord’s care and watchful eye
That grant us our days in this life,
Allowing us to grow and learn
Through nature’s show as the seasons turn
Amid time’s path that eventually leads
Us to what we have and where we are meant to be.

May time’s path and God’s grace
Pardon the missteps we have along the way
And may all the sunrises and sunsets
Allow us to find peace as we trek
Onward to our destiny
Past days of youth to wisdom’s peace.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski
June 26, 2015


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