Poetry From the Sky


Sunrise in the East Above the Trees Lisa A. Wisniewski

The sky is ever changing above us, which I find inspirational.  The colors and sights amaze me at times to the point of being lost in childlike wonder.  This week, I had several opportunities to become “lost” in the beauty of the sky above and in nature all around.

The sunrises were absolutely invigorating with bold reds, golden highlights, and burnt orange streaks.  Equally beautiful was the mix of blue hues and clouds as different weather fronts moved through the area.

Oh, and the sunsets captivated me after a long day of work and much need for solace.  Though seeing the sun sink over the horizon so early is not my favorite activity, I never grow tired of watching the parade of colors.  The few moments of quiet allow me to find positives in the day and to be thankful for God’s grace.

This time of year, the sky changes quickly and I have to be on my toes if I am going to catch all the colors I so much enjoy.  The following poem was inspired by my efforts to capture the wonder in the sky:


Red Light in the East Lisa A. Wisniewski

A Day in the Sky

Early in the morning, the red light glows
In the sky before me as time slows
For just a spell, allowing the hues
To compel the soul seeking the truth
In the light as it emerges from the shadows
Bringing to life a heart that grows
Fonder of the array in nature’s sights
Spread across a day in the sky.


Red Turning Gold Lisa A. Wisniewski

As the red turns to gold,
The moments spread and unfold,
Offering much to contemplate and reflect upon
In the display of the dawn
Setting the tone for is to come
Along the road where the spirit runs
Seeking peace and solace in the light
Spread across a day in the sky.


Half a Moon at Noon Lisa A. Wisniewski

Half a moon among the clouds
Brings a surprise at noon as the soul goes about
The work of the day and obligations of life
As the river makes its way through time
Taking events as they come,
But making sure to spend a few moments in the sun
Where what is lost can be found
Among the moss on the ground
And in nature’s cascade of life
Spread across a day in the sky.


Start of Sunset Lisa A. Wisniewski

And when the day comes to pass
Giving way to night at last,
In the west can be seen
Clouds that reflect a gold sheen.
As the sun sinks, the reds come out to play
Among the clouds that wink as the breeze sways
And the soul starts to unwind
With thoughts to hold and thanks to find
In the quiet of evening falling
And the silence calling
Through the last rays of light
Spread across a day in the sky.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski
November 20, 2015


Red Sunset Lisa A. Wisniewski


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