Picks of the Clicks – Frost Before My Eyes


Frost in the Landscaping Lisa A. Wisniewski

Though we are now into December, the weather in my area has remained mild.  This morning’s temperature was the lowest we’ve had in quite some time.  To my delight, I watched the frost glisten in the sunlight during my morning run.

Something about the delicate patterns and tiny frozen moisture made me think about how so much of life is made up of little things that may seem insignificant on the surface, yet play a large part in reality.  Nature provides many of these little, but important pieces in the journey.  If we pay attention to the little things, the bigger things seem less troublesome and stressful.

The sights of the morning and invigorating feeling of a run in the brisk air inspired the following poem:


Frost in the Dawn Lisa A. Wisniewski

In the Frost Before My Eyes

White like fine lace
With a crystalline face
Delicately weaved
As a fine tapestry
Sparkling like glass
As the light of the sun comes past,
I see God and nature at work in life
In the frost before my eyes.


Frosty Tree Branches Lisa A. Wisniewski

Clinging to the branches of the trees
Bringing a dancing gleam
To the boughs now barren outside,
Reaching out as twigs to the sky,
Where the dawn ushers in with grace
The gifts brought to the day
Through the morning light
In the frost before my eyes.


Frost on a Leaf Lisa A. Wisniewski

Outlining the last leaves of fall,
Making seams in the rocks of the wall,
Little rows of fine white hairs
Create a glow making the soul aware
Of goodness in the day to come
Through the ways of God above
Made available in the store of sunlight
In the frost before my eyes.

Lisa A. Wisniewski
December 5, 2015


Frost Outlining a Rock Lisa A. Wisniewski


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