December in the Sky


December Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

This second week of December in my area has been unusually warm and pleasant.  The skies continue to be gifts of delight and hope with colors bold and bright and cloud formations with unique patterns.


Sunset December 6, 2015–Amazing! Lisa A. Wisniewski

Sunday Going Down

On December 6, the sunset commanded attention with its orange, red, pink, and purple hues.   I ran to different vantage points in my yard, snapping pictures and marveling at the beauty of the changing colors.


Sliver of a Moon With a Star Lisa A. Wisniewski

Morning Moon and Stars

Monday and Tuesday morning’s moon and stars stood clear and bright overhead.  The moon’s sliver of a shape seemed to dance with the stars nearby.  Though the air was cool and crisp, the morning was great for pondering nature’s continuous display of magic.


Steely Blue Morning Sky Lisa A. Wisniewski

Steely Blue Skies

December is the time of year in my area when the skies have more of a steely blue hue most hours of the day.  Though this blue is not as inviting or warm as the stellar blue of October or June skies, it still offers hope for soul contemplating the last days of the year.

Sights of December

All these sights inspired the following poem:


Morning Moon Lisa A. Wisniewski

Beneath December’s Skies

Morning moons and stars
Spreading the glory of nature’s art
Above the earth below
In such a show
That the soul stops to see
The magic and beauty
In the message of the day
Before going on its way
Beneath December’s skies
To be remembered in time.


Daytime Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

Daytime clouds above
In patterns that surround the sun
Creating shadows white and gray
As time flows in the river’s wake
Reflecting what has come and gone
As well as what can and cannot
Come to pass until the time is deemed
Right in the Lord’s reign supreme.
And so onward the soul treks,
Putting one foot forward after the next
Beneath December’s skies
Above the sea of life.


Last Rays of the Day Lisa A. Wisniewski

Amazing sunset in the west
Blazing at the Lord’s request
Offering a stellar show
Of colors that flow
In a constant stream
Within the sun’s last beams
Before the day meets the night
And the stars come out to play in the twilight
Above the soul giving thanks for what it sees
In the rays of the sun’s beams
Beneath December’s skies
Full of mystery and delight.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski
December 12, 2015


Entering Twilight Lisa A. Wisniewski


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