Observing Christmas Skies


Moon Rising Christmas Eve 2015 Lisa A. Wisniewski

Christmas came in grand style to my area this year with warm temperatures and amazing skies.  The following observations of the changes in nature surrounding Christmas reminded me of the many gifts nature provides year-round.

Christmas Eve Presents


Sunset Christmas Eve 2015 Lisa A. Wisniewski

The sunset Christmas Eve was filled with orange, red, and pink ribbons, almost like a wrapped gift from God.  The almost-full moon rising in the opposite sky under a blue backdrop with pink and violet clouds commanded my attention.  Trying to get adequate pictures of each kept me busy running back and forth across the yard while snapping as many photos as possible to remember the moments.


Moon Rising Christmas Eve 2015 Lisa A. Wisniewski

The Native American name given to December’s full moon is the Full Cold Moon or the Long Nights Moon.  These names correspond with the normal temperatures and fewer daylight hours found within the month.  Though this year was quite the exception in temperature, the long nights have been true to form.

Celebrating the Son

Sunrise Christmas morning was filled with yellow and peach rays filtering down through the clouds in the east.  The colorful show connoted a sense of wonder.  To the west, the sky was clearer with a baby blue hue surrounded by pure white clouds.  To me, it was nature’s way of celebrating Jesus’ birth and the spirit of peace and joy in the season.


Christmas Day 2015 Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

Throughout the early part of the day, the clouds and sun seemed to play tag.  At some points, the sky was summer-like with clear blue areas and wispy clouds.  Other moments, the sky appeared winter-like with more clouds than sunlight.  Both scenarios provided much to contemplate about nature and its constantly changing landscapes.

Gifts From the Skies

All the colors and sights in the skies above acted as wonderful gifts to my soul.  The following poem is my attempt to capture the essence and depth of giving and receiving through nature’s offerings:


Christmas Eve 2015 Sunset Lisa A. Wisniewski

In the Christmas Sky

In the quiet stillness of the western sky
Orange and yellow beams lift the day’s light
Up to heaven’s expansive sea
As the moments move in the breeze
Carried by nature’s art and grace
Toward the heart of life’s space
Where the waters lap the shores
To offer a path of reward
Through the mission of the light
In the Christmas sky.


Christmas Eve Moon 2015 Lisa A. Wisniewski

Full moon rising in the opposite direction
Capturing the light’s reflection
To create a pink sea
With waves of blue beneath
As the round orb rises in the minutes
Larger than before as if lifted
By God’s own hand
To glow across the land,
Leading the way to vision and light
In the Christmas sky.


Sunrise Christmas Day 2015 Lisa A. Wisniewski

Dawn in the making
By God’s creating
Hands and heart,
Washing the sands and spreading the seas apart
For the soul watching the light,
Thankful to hold the moment in time
Filled with God’s blessings and love
Sent through the awe of the sun
As a witness to give and receive life
Through and in the Christmas sky.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski
December 25, 2015


Sun and Clouds Christmas Day 2015 Lisa A. Wisniewski

Christmas Thanks and Wishes

Thank you to all readers and followers for your continued interest in this blog and its contents.  May you all find peace and joy in the Christmas season and/or in nature’s art.


Patterns in the Sky Christmas Morning 2015 Lisa A. Wisniewski


Resources and Related Links

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