Pick of the Clicks – Deer in the Woods

While biking yesterday, I spotted a doe in the neighbor’s yard.  On my way back past the house, I noticed some movement in the woods next to the yard.  More deer were hidden in the woods, which inspired the following poem:


Two of the many deer I saw on my bike ride Lisa A. Wisniewski

Deer in the Woods

Deer in the woods, standing so still
Watching the sun put a warmth to  the chill
In the afternoon air,
Rising through the clouds with care
Sent from heaven’s skies
Way up high
To the ground below
Without a sound in the shadows.

Deer in the woods on a winter day,
Grazing near the trees as the sun plays
With the clouds in the sky
Allowing the deer to romp about in the light
Camouflaged by their coats’ hues
So they can hide when they need to.

Deer in the woods, watching the landscape
Nibbling on nature’s goods left over from autumn’s wake,
Below the clouds floating by
In the river flowing from day to night.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


If you look closely, you will see four tails from the deer running in the woods Lisa A. Wisniewski


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