Winter Whispers


Pine Tree in Snow Lisa A. Wisniewski

Mother Nature finally caught up with the calendar and delivered some winter weather to my area.  Though we did not have much snow, the wind felt cold like from the Arctic and was very strong for several days in a row.  The temperatures dropped to single digits in the night and only climbed to about 30° F during daylight hours.

Despite the weather, I did my best to keep up with my runs and bike rides.  There was one day where the weather was not cooperating, so I had to resort to the treadmill and skip my bike ride.

When the winds did calm down, a light blanket of snow brightened the landscape with sparkling flakes that reflected the sun’s rays.  Seeing this sight provided a sense of calm in the early morning hours for me.  It was almost as if nature was whispering a soothing melody.  This experience gave me the idea for the following poem:


Winter’s Soothing Song Lisa A. Wisniewski

Winter Whispers

A delicate blanket of white
Rests on the landscape as the first light
Of the sun slips over the hill
To kiss the morning by God’s will,
Allowing time to enter in
The life of the soul smitten
By nature’s ways and sights to see
As the hours come to be
And the winter whispers
Cross the sunlight’s slivers
To begin the day
Through God’s love and grace.


Winter Patterns in the Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

As the cold air blows,
The hold of the snow
Is broken from its landing place,
Making it run in waves,
Rippling with the wind
To and fro and back again,
As the winter whispers sing
In hushed tones that bring
The mind and heart of the soul
Closer to nature’s art as it unfolds
In the canvas of life
By God’s grand design.


Doe on the Hill at Sunset Lisa A. Wisniewski

The silhouette of the doe on the hill at dusk
Wanders to and fro as the red turns to rust
In the sun’s sinking rays,
Marking the end of the day
And start of the night to come
Under the clearing skies above
Allowing the winter whispers to echo
A melody through the trees’ boughs,
Calming the soul and mind
Within the folds of time.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Moon and Star at Sunrise Lisa A. Wisniewski


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