Pick of the Clicks- January Crimson Night


Sunset in the Snow Clouds Jan. 12 Lisa A. Wisniewski

The past week was full of great skies in my area.  Though many of the days were cloudy and gray, the sunsets made up for those of us who were patient enough to keep watching the skies.  Though snow and cold winds prevented me from biking on several nights, I did get some great runs in during the week.

We had snow on January 12 and 13 with about three inches accumulation, though the wind blew much of the snow into drifts in the fields.  While attempting to shovel snow on January 12, I watched the sun set between the incoming snow clouds.  The experience was awesome but very cold.


Sunset on a Cold January Eve Lisa A. Wisniewski

Sunset on January 14 stole the show for the week and inspired the following poem:


Sunset Jan. 14, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

January Crimson Night

In the distance to the west,
Clouds of pink and blue reflect
The sun setting over the hill beyond the trees
As time stands still in the breeze,
Allowing nature’s art to flow
Like a river apart from the snow
Where the neon glow appears
Just as the sun sinks low to draw clear
And time spins away with the light
Of a January crimson night.


Sending Down God’s Love Like Rain Lisa A. Wisniewski

Puffy clouds with rippled patterns
Dance about as the light scatters
Creating shadows amid the hues
That ebb and flow like a river through
Heaven’s sea in the sky
As the sun bleeds out its last light
Sending God’s love down like rain
Upon the soul on the ground watching the parade,
Smitten with delight
On a January crimson night.


Glowing Core of Warmth Lisa A. Wisniewski

Ever so bold at the core,
The colors hold the perfect storm
Of love and grace
Sent from God above to end the day
With a promise note
As a gift to earth below
And a blessing to hold dear
For the soul seeking to clear
The mind and body of issues past
So the future can embody peace at last,
Made possible by the tributary of light
On a January crimson night.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Last Crimson Rays Lisa A. Wisniewski


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