Pick of the Clicks – Nature’s Paradise


Fire in the Heavens Lisa A. Wisniewski

Some of the skies in my area this past week were welcome sights, offering hope and promise for better tomorrows.  Looking at the skies, I contemplated different events in life and how each of us handles change differently.  I also thought about songs I enjoy and how music and nature affect the mind, body, and soul.

My thoughts also wandered to think about changes to people and places around me.  People in my life who have passed away came to mind, along with pleasant memories spending time with them.

So far this year, a number of well-known people who have influenced many others have passed away.  Glenn Frey was one of these people. Though I did not know him personally, many of the songs he made with The Eagles are favorites that I often play when running on the treadmill or working around the house.  Something about the music and the harmonies of The Eagles resonated with me long ago when I first heard them, just as something in nature resonated with me at a young age.

I am very thankful for the experiences music and nature have given me.  Without these things, I may not have discovered my writing ability or my passion in life.

All the thoughts above influenced the following poem:


January Sunrise Lisa A. Wisniewski

Nature’s Paradise

In the quiet of the morning,
Cool breeze blowing by,
The Lord spreads out before thee
In the colors of the sky
The plans of the day,
Full of hope and promise
As the grains of sand play
In the glow placed upon them
By the sun making its way
Through the arc of the sky
Blessed by God’s love and grace
To warm the soul inside,
Creating energy found
Only in the light
As the moments come about
In nature’s paradise.


Dawn Breaking on the Horizon Lisa A. Wisniewski

Orange and melon hues
On the horizon
Spread before the soul the truth
Clearer than it’s ever been,
Awakened by the call
Of silence’s sound
Allowing it to rise from the fall
And come back around
Past places gone before
And stand above the shadows
Stronger than before
As the sand blows
Within the hourglass
Made bright
By the rays cast
In nature’s paradise.


Blue Skies at Noon Lisa A. Wisniewski

In the bluing skies,
The clouds come out to play
As the wind slips by
Humming Amazing Grace
Through the boughs of the trees
Standing bare in winter’s hold
That will soon be
Cast aside with the cold
When spring comes running round
Full of life and zest
Spreading green across the ground
At the Lord’s behest
To warm the heart and mind
With all the colors of the rainbow
Made possible in nature’s paradise
By the seeds God sowed long ago.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Hope in the Dawn’s Colors Lisa A. Wisniewski


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