Valentines in the Sky


Valentine in the Sky Lisa A. Wisniewski

Wrapped in colorful ribbons and paper like lace, the present before my eyes stood amazingly beautiful, taking my breath away.  Elegant and unique, this gift overwhelmed me with emotion.  No value could be put upon it, for it was personal, full of good intentions, and very much needed.

So what was this fine gift like no other? Well, it was God’s valentine to me, sent in the sky.  For many years now, I have found this special gift before me not only on holidays, but pretty much every day.  The moments spent watching the colors while running, biking, doing yard or house work, or driving to a destination are most memorable and meaningful to me.

My experiences and thoughts on God’s valentines inspired the following poem:


Wrapping Paper Only Nature Could Create Lisa A. Wisniewski

Valentines in the Sky

Valentines in the sky
Hidden in the clouds white
And the blue sea’s expanse
Created through the work of God’s hands
As the grains of sand in time’s hourglass
Dance to the rhythm of days and nights as they pass,
Providing blessings under the moon and stars
And the wonder from afar
Brought to light by nature’s ways
As gifts to find in each day.


Blue Sea’s Expanse Lisa A. Wisniewski

Valentines in the sky,
God’s way to shine a light
Upon the path of the journey
In colors that have a burning
Impression upon the soul and the mind
Watching time unfold below the sky
As the river winds and weaves
To both deliver and set the soul free
Through the little things that make
The song of life move within each day.


River of Light Lisa A. Wisniewski

Valentines in the sky,
Ribbons of life in colors divine,
Orange and red, crimson and peach,
Shimmering violet and tangerine,
Soft pink and indigo
Seeming to wink while reflecting the glow
Of the sun’s rays cascading through the air
As time makes the soul aware
Of God’s great love and abundant gifts
Bestowed upon each of us in the lives we live.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Colors Divine Lisa A. Wisniewski


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