Pick of the Clicks – Winter’s Sea


Winter Sunrise Lisa A. Wisniewski

My area has had its share of mixed weather this week, including snow, sleet, ice balls, freezing rain, rain, and sun.  All the changes in temperature and conditions made for some very interesting runs and bike rides.  Two of my bike rides were particularly interesting and challenging because of all the snow along my route.  I learned that some of the principles I’ve used for years when running in snow can be applied to biking in snow.  These experiences reminded me that there is always something to learn if we are willing and keep an open mind.

The sights around me also varied from the beauty of fresh-falling snow to the danger of black ice. Early in the week, the sky was filled with gray clouds for miles around, creating a very dreary, dismal aura.  As the days passed, the skies grew crystal clear to reveal breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, as well as the moon and stars.

While reflecting upon these changes and experiences, I felt like a ship being tossed about at sea by the waves.  This feeling along with the sights around me inspired the following poem:


Crystal Blue Morning Lisa A. Wisniewski

Winter’s Sea

Crystal blue sky at daybreak
Reflecting the light the sun creates
As it rises in the east above the snow
Glistening bright on the earth below
While the breeze whispers its song
Through the trees dancing along,
Branches swaying to and fro
As time advances in the shadows
Now fading in the light
As the day comes to life
Above winter’s sea
Blessed by God’s love and nature’s beauty.


Ice and Snow on the Pine Lisa A. Wisniewski

Like lace stitched delicate and fine
Ice crystals grace the needles of the pine
Made stiff from the cold
As the light shifts and unfolds
The textured lattice into sparkling gems
That seem to move as the sun sends
Warmth and light all around
Creating shiny sparkles on the ground
Like diamonds in a jeweled brooch
With variegated lines that shoot
Bright colors from every side
Captivating the mind and catching the eye
Of the soul within winter’s sea
Where the waves unfold in elegant streams.


Ribbons in the Sky at Sunset Lisa A. Wisniewski

Ribbons of clouds in the west
As the lights turn down at sunset
Create a heavenly aura of peace
In shades of orange and tangerine,
Cantaloupe and copper, melon and red
In a show that offers a way to spend
Some time with nature’s ways
Renewing the soul inside through the days
Blessed by God through the waters of winter’s sea
And all the lessons offered by nature’s beauty.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Sparkling Snow Lisa A. Wisniewski


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