Pick of the Clicks – Heavenly Designs


Early Morning Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

Yesterday was one of those days where the skies changed continuously throughout the day.  Though the sun’s light was covered by clouds at daybreak, the patterns of the clouds offered promise.  By early morning, the skies started to clear, creating a wide variety of patterns and shapes.  In the afternoon hours, a blue sea appeared from behind the clouds, stellar as can be.

Watching all these changes made me think about the many natural designs the sky offers, inspiring the following poem:


White Swirls in a Blue Sea Lisa A. Wisniewski

Heavenly Designs

White swirls in a blue sea
That uncurl in the breeze
As time moves past
In the sky’s hourglass
Allowing the sun’s light
To become bright,
Filtering through the clouds
On the way to the ground
To enlighten the soul
As time unfolds,
Creating memories for the mind
Through heavenly designs.


Arching Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

Arching far and wide,
Coming apart to define
New sizes and shapes
To ride the waves
Of the changing blue sea,
Rearranging easily
With grace and poise
Without making any noise
In a parade of hues
On the way through
The extents of the skies
Cloaked in heavenly designs.


Before Sunset Lisa A. Wisniewski

Reflecting the light of the sun
Before night enters the horizon,
Golden beams
Unfold in streams,
Offering hope for the coming days
And riches to explore along the way
Amid nature’s beauty
Offered to thee
Through God’s grace sent in the skies
Amid heavenly designs.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski
February 25, 2016


Heaven Before My Eyes Lisa A. Wisniewski


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