Pick of the Clicks – God’s Sunrise


Sunrise March 3, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

Throughout my life, many people have asked me these questions:

  • Why do you get up so early every day?
  • Why do you like to run no matter the weather conditions?

As a youngster, I liked watching the colors in the sky change at both sunrise and sunset.  Each experience was magical to me, often piquing my curiosity and imagination.  In my teenage years, I simply relished the quiet time and found it most therapeutic in dealing with life issues.  Now that I am older, I realize the many blessings given to each day in the light, colors, and patterns of the sunrise and the morning skies.

At an early age, I discovered running to be a cure-all for whatever ailment or problem life put into my path.  In my early twenties, running proved most helpful in building physical strength, developing confidence, and putting the pieces together in the puzzle of life.  As the days turned into years, I found so many benefits of running that I did not wish to give up what had become somewhat of a ritual.

By accident one day, I found myself combining my love for the early morning with running.  The result of this chemistry was beautiful poetry, written in my own mind and inspired by my surroundings.  In sharing what I wrote with others, I discovered my voice and my ability to help others with words and interpretations of nature’s offerings.

God has given me a tremendous gift, one that I certainly do not deserve, but am forever grateful and thankful to have.  Despite how I may feel inside or what the weather may be doing outside, I still rise early each morning and run whenever time permits.  I suppose I am addicted to both of these habits, but I don’t  think this addiction is necessarily bad, for it yields abundant rewards, such as the following poem:


Rolling Clouds Amid the Rays Lisa A. Wisniewski

God’s Sunrise

Rolling with the river of time
Unfolding in the sun’s light
As the morning comes to be
Before the world wakes from its sleep
To start the day anew
With nature’s art strewn
Across the sky
In God’s sunrise
So majestic and bright
Reflected through the clouds in the sky.


Yellow and Orange Rays Lisa A. Wisniewski

Yellow and orange
Rising mellow before
The round orb appears
To brighten the shores far and near
With hope and light
As times goes onward with life
Woven within nature’s beauty
Unspoken yet soothing
In God’s sunrise
Above this life.


Peach and Cantaloupe Hues Lisa A. Wisniewski

Peach and cantaloupe
Reach to envelope
The clouds nearby
Casting shadows around the clearing sky
Speaking to the soul watching in amazement
The graceful folds blazon
With colors and hues
Stellar and true
That cannot be denied
In God’s sunrise.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski
March 3, 2016

Gods Sunrise

God’s Sunrise Lisa A. Wisniewski


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