Pick of the Clicks – Mystery of the Light


Sunrise March 16, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

March has brought to my area some amazingly beautiful skies.  The other day, the morning sky was a pale pink sea of light, and the sunset blazed tangerine and crimson.  Though the colors in each event were different, the skies conveyed a sense of hope, peace, and love.  It was as if God made the bookends of the day beautiful to make up for the messiness of life’s events during the middle hours.

The evening sky was very moving to me and inspired the following poem:


Sunset March 16, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

Mystery of the Light

Flowing like lava in the western sky
The sunset has a neon glow tonight,
Deep tangerine at the core,
With melon streaks rising before
The clouds in the distance moving in the wind
Without resistance as day comes to an end,
Bringing to life the blessings bestowed
By God on high to earth below
In the mystery of the light
Whispering with the wind above the pines.


Lava on the Horizon Lisa A. Wisniewski

As the light filters downward
The clouds slide forward,
Moving from west to east,
Catching the crimson and red beams,
Reflecting God’s love in a late valentine,
Sent to cheer up the soul inside
Watching the show unfold
With renewed hope as the colors scroll
Without interruption or payment required
For the shades of red climbing higher
As the sun sinks lower over the hill
With a pink glow added to the thrill
In the mystery of the light
Creating its own history in life.


Deeper and Stronger Colors Lisa A. Wisniewski

Deeper and stronger,
The colors creep over yonder,
Spreading through the clouds
Shedding more light as they move around
With indigo veils and salmon wisps,
Cornflower sails and maroon shifts,
Watermelon arcs and cantaloupe peaks,
Purple and mauve darts and raspberry streaks
Around a tangerine core
Created uniquely by the Lord
In the mystery of the light
Given to thee within the sky.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Cornflower Sails and Maroon Shifts of Light Lisa A. Wisniewski


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