Easter in the Sky Lisa A. Wisniewski

Since childhood, I have anticipated the Lenten season, for I know spring and Easter can’t be far behind.  Though some aspects of Lent can be challenging, especially if “giving up” something, I think the benefits far outweigh the struggles.

Personally, I enjoy the challenge and have found the experience of “giving up” some bad habit or enjoyable pleasure actually offers more opportunities to receive.  The act of self denial allows one to focus a bit more on what is really important and necessary in life.

If we get back to our roots or down to the basics, we can find that less is indeed more and what we truly value are not tangible objects, like cars and houses, but rather intangible things like love and laughter or time and talents shared with others.

In reflecting upon Lent and Easter this year, I was inspired to write the following:


Sunrise Lisa A. Wisniewski


Early in the morning
As the sun rises before thee
Spreading rays of hope
Through the souls below
Encouraged by the light once more,
Risen is the Lord.


Skies Anew Lisa A. Wisniewski

Entering the light
After the dark of night,
See the world anew
Through faith renewed,
Exclaim to everyone
Risen is the Son.


Daffodils Ready to Bloom Lisa A. Wisniewski

Encouraged by the light
All across the heavens wide
Spring flowers spread their blooms
To expose the landscape to
Every color ever made
Risen with the Son today.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Risen is the Son Lisa A. Wisniewski


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