Observing the Emergence of Spring


Spring Emerging Lisa A. Wisniewski

Spring has arrived both on the calendar and in nature in my area.  The emergence of green grass, daffodils, iris, tulips, bleeding heart, sedum, and hyacinth dotting the landscape has allowed color and life to flow after a rather bleak winter.  The forsythia and briar bushes give a tinge of light yellow and lime green to the woods and yards.  Today, I saw the dark red buds of the plum and crab apple trees creeping open in the sunlight, as well as the pink and white flowers opening up on the magnolia trees in the area.

Recalled to Life

Spring always reminds me of Charles Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities and the theme of being recalled to life.  Like Dr. Manette in the story, I see the colors and light and relish their presence after the darkness of winter.  The sight of robins in the yard, ducks on the pond, and other birds in the air and the sounds they make create a symphony that touches the inner being in a way only nature can.


Lilac Recalled to Life Lisa A. Wisniewski

Warmer air, longer days, and bluer skies add a little hope to the mix.  Though the winter in my area was considered to be mild this year, the air did get quite cold, even arctic, at times, so the warmer breezes are a welcome change, especially on my runs and bike rides.  We are now into Daylight Savings Time, which means the sun does not set until after 7:30 PM and that my dogs and I have enough daylight to both work and play in the yard without having to rush.  In contrast to the gray skies of winter, the bluer spring skies appeal more to my senses, conveying peace and hope.


Sunrise March 25, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

Hope in the Light

Much research has been done on light and what it conveys to the mind and body.  This research has found that light can affect:

  • Mood
  • Behavior
  • Perception
  • Perspective
  • Productivity

Light is often used by writers as a medium for conveying hope.  St. John and St. James used light to illustrate power, peace, hope, and faith in their books of the Bible.  The gospels often refer to Jesus as the light of the world and how the resurrection restored hope in the people who saw the light.


Sunset of Hope Lisa A. Wisniewski

Personally, I look for the light every chance I get.  Seeing the sunrise and sunset each day gives me hope that any issues I may have will be worked out in time.  In the interim, I use the light as a means to persevere, learn, and grow.

Opportunities for Growth Abound

The elements of spring provide light, water, and mechanisms for nature and humans to grow.  The longer days offer more time for activities that can be beneficial to physical and mental growth.  Warmer temperatures entice some of us to be outdoors more or be more active.  The colors of the season can act as means for inspiration, encouragement, and support.


Blue Skies, New Adventures Lisa A. Wisniewski

As we see the changes around us, we often want to change as well by cleaning out the old and ushering in the new.  The season of Lent is used by some people as a means to spiritually cleanse, renew faith, and restore hope.  As we make the transition from winter to spring, dark to light, and Lent to Easter, we alter our perspective and optimism.

Though we may be reluctant to change, the process of changing and trying teaches us many lessons in life.  Each change made allows us to grow and provides additional opportunities.  These opportunities in turn help us gain perspective and wisdom.


Promising Skies Lisa A. Wisniewski

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