Pick of the Clicks – April’s Awakening


April Dawn Lisa A. Wisniewski

Though April started off cold and snowy in my area, I have found some bright spots in the landscape to help put things in perspective.  This week while running, biking, and walking my dogs, I found changes everywhere, including:

  • sprouting peonies, hosta, and sedum
  • ever-changing skies filled with both clouds and sun
  • skunk cabbage, lamb’s ear, and bleeding heart popping up around the property
  • grass greening and tree buds opening overnight
  • neon dawns and blazing sunsets

Skunk Cabbage Lisa A. Wisniewski

All of the sights and sounds made me feel a sense of renewed energy, despite life’s difficulties.  In contemplating nature’s offerings, I realized April’s awakening powers, which inspired the following poem:


Peony Shoots Lisa A. Wisniewski

April’s Awakening

Tiny shoots and sprouts
Beneath rising suns that shout
The time has come, the time has come
To rise up, oh, to rise up
And awaken from your slumber;
Shake free from under
The dirt and debris
Of the earth as day comes to be
In the river of time
To deliver life
Through April’s awakening
And God’s will to keep creating.


Sedum Lisa A. Wisniewski

As the sedum and bleeding heart
Reach for the stars,
The peonies and hyacinth
Creep taller each moment
In the sun’s rays streaming down
From the breaks in the clouds
And the skunk cabbage and lamb’s ear
Send their packaged scents far and near
Testing the senses of the soul
As the day’s events unfold
Amid April’s awakening
Running with innocence in the making.


Hyacinth Lisa A. Wisniewski

In neon hues,
The dawns break to
Reveal the magic of the morning
Concealed before thee
In the frost and the dew
And the air lofting through
The skies full of clouds
Spread wide and about
In patterns and wisps
That shatter in the midst
Of April’s awakening
Spreading God’s love for the taking.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Neon Dawn Lisa A. Wisniewski


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