Observing Changes From Sunrise to Sunset


Changing Light in the Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

My running, biking, and walking adventures the past week have allowed me to see snow, sleet, rain, clouds, and sun.  Some days were cold, others warmer, and still others very windy.  While pushing myself through the miles in these conditions, I pondered how changes affect the mind, body, and spirit.  As the days passed, I found myself revisiting questions I have pondered most of my life.  The answers to these questions have changed through the years, most likely due to perspective and maturity.


Towering Walnut Tree Full of Perspective Lisa A. Wisniewski

Questions Abound

Since childhood, I have always wondered:

  • How many actions and reactions occur on a daily basis in nature?
  • How do these actions and reactions affect the people I know?
  • Do the people around me play a part in how I view, accept, and appreciate change?
  • Who sees the most changes on a daily basis?
  • What changes do I consider to be good, and which changes do I categorize as bad?

Dandelions Can Be Viewed as Good and Bad Lisa A. Wisniewski

In my travels and experiences, I have found that many changes occur at any given moment in time.  These changes do affect others around me, and the viewpoints of others can play a part in my thoughts, feelings, and reactions to change.  We all experience many changes, though we don’t always realize these changes are occurring.  Some changes are subtle and go unnoticed for a time, but others are more obvious, making themselves known immediately.


Skies Above Offering Perspective Lisa A. Wisniewski

The question of whether change is good or bad has many answers, depending upon circumstances and perspectives.  For example, a change in our daily schedule may be difficult to accept or present a challenge for us to accomplish necessary tasks.  However, as we come to accept and experience such a change, we may find shifting activities around gives us more balance in life.  Whether we consider the glass half empty or half full, we still find ways to move on in life, whether we realize it or not.

Where the Road Leads

In our attempts to move on, we meet others along the way who may or may not offer perspective and wisdom to help us.  Our interactions with others allow us to connect, disconnect, and make decisions.   Our decisions in turn affect those around us.  We can be a ray of sunshine or a rain cloud.  The choice is ours, and this choice may depend upon our mood, our surroundings, and our life experiences.

Through the years, I have come to realize I prefer to be a ray of light and hope to others.  Sometimes I have to be a rain cloud in an attempt to steer people away from danger.  In both cases, I find being subtle and honest the best way to go about my work.


Light Among the Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

Throughout Our Days

Just as the events and surroundings of life change, so do we.  As we learn and grow, we find our thoughts, actions, and reactions changing.  Sometimes we change with positive results, other times we find more negative outcomes.  The important thing to remember is each change we encounter challenges us to learn.  What we learn allows us to help others and ourselves.  How we convey what we learn plays a part in who we become.

We are all on a journey with different needs, wants, and destinations.  We will all face change upon this journey.  May we do our best to help others along the way from sunrise to sunset.


Golden Sunrise in the East Lisa A. Wisniewski

From Sunrise to Sunset

Golden glow above the trees
Allowing time to sow more seeds
As the dew sparkles like fine gems
To renew and refresh
In the day that springs forth
Through the wake of the ‘morn
Riding the beams of the sun
In colors that gleam and run
Over and back and around again
From sunrise to sunset.


White Sun Amidst the Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

White glow within the clouds
Putting on a show above the ground
Amid the blue of April’s skies
To offer hope as the road winds
Through the changing maze
Rearranging each today
With sights and sounds
While spreading life around
In nature’s art and ways
Of teaching the heart to embrace
The time spent
From sunrise to sunset.


Tangerine Glow in the West Lisa A. Wisniewski

Tangerine glow in the west
Sinking low to its rest
In the dusk of the day
With just enough light to create
A magical sight to see
As the hues unravel above the trees
Morphing from yellow and gold to orange and peach,
With melon folds and cords of neon that reach
Throughout the skies and heaven’s extents
From sunrise to sunset.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Wispy Clouds Along the Way Lisa A. Wisniewski


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