Observing the Changing River of Time


Sunrise April 21, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

Traditionally, spring is the time of year when life gets a little hectic for me with so many chores, activities, and responsibilities to fit into each day.  At times, I feel as if I am simply going through the motions of living and not really living.  However, I have learned to find or make time for what needs done and that being flexible with my thought process can lessen the amount of stress in life.

Less is More

Between working two jobs, maintaining a house and property, running, biking, and dealing with life, I have my hands and mind full at any given time.  In recent years, I have learned that stopping for a moment or two to watch the sunrise or sunset, listen to the crickets and tree frogs calling, or sit with my dogs on the porch can work wonders for the mind, body, and soul.  Doing so allows:

  • A few minutes to clear my head, sort my thoughts, and prioritize tasks
  • Time for my muscles to relax and body to rest
  • Moments to be thankful for what I have and to find hope in what I see, hear, and experience

Blooms of Encouragement Lisa A. Wisniewski

Often, I find stopping for a few minutes actually allows me to get more done.  While this may defy logic on the surface, it also makes sense to some extent because of the reasons above.  Just because the body is not moving, it does not mean the mind can’t be processing information or the soul can’t be working through problems or issues.

River of Time

For many years, I have referred to time as a river running to the sea.  The river weaves our activities, relationships, and perspectives into what we call life.  Each day moves us along in the current, allowing us to learn and grow in some way.  As we make our way along the river’s course, we meet others who can help us gain perspective and wisdom.


Skies Over the River Lisa A. Wisniewski

When we reach the sea, we meet the end of time on earth and can look back and reflect upon what we have or have not accomplished from a different view.

As the River Runs

The sights around my area this past week have reminded me that life moves on with or without our consent.  As we traverse our course, we have many tasks and obstacles to work around and through.  Taking a few minutes to stop, look, and listen can help us to meet our needs, as well as help others along the way.

May we all find a good balance of work, play, and rest to meet our needs upon the journey.


Red, Red Sun Lisa A. Wisniewski

Through Each Day as the River Runs

Red, red sun on the horizon line
Lifting its head in the sky
As its rays reflect off of the clouds
In violet and indigo shades spreading around
Above the fields becoming green overnight
As nature reveals its spring delight,
Bringing with it hope and energy
As the days flow in time’s sea
Blessed by the Lord’s grace and love
Through each day as the river runs.


Apple Blossoms Lisa A. Wisniewski

Trees with buds and blooms surround
The days that come in the world turning around,
Bursting with colors to brighten the landscape
In pink, yellow, white, and red shades
That morph into other hues
As time moves forth under the blue
Skies given to embrace as they come
Through each day as the river runs.


Sun Slipping Through the Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

As the sun slips through the clouds
The colors move and spread about
Creating a mosaic of fine art
Allowing thanks within the heart
To carry the song of God’s great works
As time moves along through life’s storms
Helping the soul along the way
In lessons that unfold in the light’s rays
Sent as a guide from above
Through each day as the river runs.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Bleeding Heart First Blossoms Lisa A. Wisniewski


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