Pick of the Clicks – Under the Sun’s Rise and Set


Sunrise April 28, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

As the days of the week tick by in this busy spring season, I see many changes in the colors, shapes, and arrangements in nature.  All of these changes provide perspective if the mind is open, the body is willing, and the soul us seeking.

The sights of the past week inspired the following poem:


Green Fields Under Blue Skies Lisa A. Wisniewski

Under the Sun’s Rise and Set

Green in the fields and the hills all around
Beneath blue skies and white clouds
Unveiling nature’s greatest treasures,
Sailing about as gifts beyond measure
Made possible by the stroke of God’s hand
To spread hope across the land
As the days pass and the colors dip and sway
With a grace only nature can have on any given day
Marked by the sun’s rise and set
In hues every color of the rainbow’s extent.


May Apples in the Woods Lisa A. Wisniewski

As the May apples emerge from the ground,
The deer run in coats dappled all around,
Grazing and frolicking in the green sea
As each day brings more colors that gleam
In the light of the sun and the warm air
Allowing the leaves to come with a great flare
Upon the trees, bushes, and plants
Spreading rapidly across the land
Under the sun’s rise and set
Revealing God’s love through life’s moments.


Blooming Azalea Lisa A. Wisniewski

Purple azalea and pink bleeding heart,
Variegated hosta with leaves light and dark,
Yellow violas with white and indigo veins,
Sedum that climbs unrestrained,
Buckeye, pear, and dogwood blossoms of white,
And crabapples that flare red and crimson light
All prosper under the sun’s rise and set
To help guide the soul around life’s bends.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Viola in Bloom  Lisa A. Wisniewski


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