Observing Mother Nature and Mother’s Day


Azalea Lisa A. Wisniewski

The beginning of May has brought some colors other than green to my area.  Azalea and lilac add fragrance to the air and splashes of purple, pink, and mauve to the green sea of


Bleeding Heart Lisa A. Wisniewski

grass.  The little, delicate white flowers on the lily of the valley are bursting with pure elegance.  Bleeding heart and violas add variegated textures to the foliage both on the ground and in hanging baskets on the porch.

All the blossoms and blooms add beauty, style, and grace to the landscape.  While reflecting upon the presence of the delicate, silky petals, I found myself making correlations between the flowers and the many roles and responsibilities mothers have.  Since Mother’s Day is fast approaching, I thought I’d share the following in honor of all mothers:


Sunshine in the Landscape Lisa A. Wisniewski

Blossoms of Life

Blossoms of life spread near and far
Offering light within the dark
To guide us upon our journey made
Through the dawn of each today,
Challenging, encouraging, and redirecting
Our talents and turns through paths intersecting,
A mother’s work is never really done,
For each life storm fuels the next one,
Leading us back to our safe harbor
Where we find the grace to try harder
With shared wisdom and perspective
Only the heart within a mother could give.


Tulip Full of Color Lisa A. Wisniewski

Blossoms of life red and yellow,
Pale pink, bright white, and melon,
Purple and blue, peach and crimson,
Indigo hues and shades of persimmon,
All mixed within life’s sea,
A mother gives many colors to thee
With artistic grace and controlled poise,
Stoic strength and quiet faith that rises above the noise
In the whisper of the wind
And the sound of silence
Conveyed through both words and deeds
To encourage all of us seeds
As we struggle to grow and mature,
On earth below the heavens unexplored.


Buckeye Bloom Lisa A. Wisniewski

Blossoms of life called from heaven above
To spread the light of God’s love
Through the sands of time
And the help of hands divine,
A mother is a gift for which to give thanks,
A guiding spirit through life’s rains,
A do-it-all damsel and a beauty queen
Able to handle both what can and cannot be seen,
A rock of faith and a delicate flower,
A doer each day full of super powers,
And above all, a mother is chosen by God
To see us past our faults and into new dawns.

For All Mothers

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Honeysuckle Lisa A. Wisniewski


And let us not forget a mother we all share, Mother Nature:


Clouds in the Sky Lisa A. Wisniewski

Mother Nature’s Love

Graceful and bright within the sky,
The clouds glide above this life
Through the sea of days
As the breeze dips and sways
To the rhythm of nature’s song
Carried within the river moving along
From day to night and sunrise to sunset
Around the sky and back again
Watching, listening, and waiting
As God keeps on creating
Much to see and hear, taste and touch
Through our days within Mother Nature’s love.


Brilliant Sunset in the West Lisa A. Wisniewski

Brilliant sunset in the west
Glowing molten gold and crimson,
Tangerine and orange,
With violet seams and indigo chords
Above the fields and the trees
As God reveals His love to thee
In the colors unfolding before the eyes
In sights to behold within the sky
Coming and going like the wind
Around and about time within
The changing waves as the river runs
Through our days within Mother Nature’s love.


Blossoms of Spring Lisa A. Wisniewski

Blossoms of spring emerging bright
As the birds sing in the morning light
And the dawn breaks once again
Allowing the soul to take a few moments
To be thankful for the blessings given
Whether large and bold or small and hidden
Within the river moving on to the sea
As time delivers us to where we need to be
Carried on by heaven above
Through our days within Mother Nature’s love.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Amazing Skies Lisa A. Wisniewski


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