Observations While Walking


Rhododendron Bloom Lisa A. Wisniewski

The past week has been rather cool and rainy for this time of year in my area.  However, the past two days had several hours of sunshine and warm temperatures to draw out the blossoms on many of the flowers, trees, and bushes.  The first rhododendron blooms I noticed while walking my dogs in the yard after work.  As we moved along, we saw more colors in the salvia, coreopsis, columbine, and lilac blooms.


Miss Kim Lilac Lisa A. Wisniewski

Later in the evening, I did some more walking and found my berry patch was full of blossoms and very tiny fruits starting to form.  The sights made me smile because I enjoy picking berries and making homemade jam, or as we call it in our house: summer in a jar.

The experience while walking inspired the following writing:


Buckeye Saplings Lisa A. Wisniewski

While Walking

While walking around the yard tonight,
My eyes caught sight
Of delicate rhododendron blooms
In silky maroon,
Veined leaves
Of tiny buckeye trees,
The first yellow coreopsis flower,
Indigo columbine standing like a tower
Above and beside
The bleeding heart so white,


Columbine and Bleeding Heart Lisa A. Wisniewski

Tiny specks of violet upon the salvia plants,
Liriope with lemon and lime strands,
Tulip tree saplings with clover-like leaves,
Pale lilac blooms so very tiny
Upon the Miss Kim bush,
Deep pink peony buds starting to push
Themselves out from their round orbs,


Peony Buds Lisa A. Wisniewski

And the bulbs of the iris beginning to form
Slender and tall
Above the mulch.


Strawberries Lisa A. Wisniewski

While walking in the garden I found
More colors around
In the white and yellow blooms
Of the strawberries with running shoots,
Pale, bell-shaped hulls upon the blueberries


Blueberries Starting To Form Lisa A. Wisniewski

Lacy white raspberry flowers,
Olive green fruits cowered
Beneath the leaves
Of the sour cherry tree,


Sour Cherries Lisa A. Wisniewski

And the rough leaves of the rhubarb
Hiding the inner stalks red like a heart.


White Dogwood Lisa A. Wisniewski

While walking in the field, the dogwood tree
Allowed the wind to whisper through its leaves
Full of petals white as snow
And the pine green ferns bent low


Ferns Lisa A. Wisniewski

As I turned to come back from where I came,
I felt blessed from nature’s refrain
Calling, calling to me
From all the sights I had seen.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


May Skies 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski


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