Observations in Life – Memorial Day


Peony Buds Lisa A. Wisniewski

The weather in my area seems to be heading more toward summerlike conditions with more sun and warmer temperatures.  This is a welcome change to the rain, cooler temperatures, and rather unpredictable changes of the spring season.  It also means that my runs, bike rides, and outdoor activities will be even more enjoyable than usual for me.


Yellow Iris Lisa A. Wisniewski

While I have not been overly excited about the challenges of dealing with the weather and other life events lately, I can see the benefits of going through these challenges.  While weeding the garden last night, I stopped for a moment to look around my yard.  Things are really starting to look nice with less weeds and more color.  Juggling weeding time with work, life, and other responsibilities has not been easy, but easy is not always better.  Sometimes the most reward comes in knowing all the work that went into making things happen.


Day Breaking Lisa A. Wisniewski

In our fast-paced, instant-gratification-desired society, we may lose sight of all the work and sacrifices others do in order to fulfill daily necessities for society.   This thought leads me to the upcoming Memorial Day holiday and a request to stop, remember, and give thanks for the soldiers (including men, women, canines, and other enlisted military members) who gave their lives in an effort to give future generations more.


May we also remember the work God does behind the scenes in our lives to create opportunities for us to learn and grow along the journey.


Sunrise May 25, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

To Be Remembered

In the early minutes of the dawn
As the first rays of light touch upon
The dew of the grass and the trees,
Life becomes renewed in the beauty
Of nature’s ways and art,
Touching the day as the soul embarks
Upon another leg of the journey,
Another segment of learning,
Another time and place,
Experiencing life through God’s amazing grace
To be remembered and thankful for
Whether the need be less or more.


Water Iris Lisa A. Wisniewski

As the minutes pass and time unfolds
The mind has the potential to hold
The moments within its memory
Allowing the sun’s glow to spread throughout the body
Giving energy to the heart for what is to come
As the activities of the day start to run
Into the river of movement to the sea
That allows one to live, grow, and be
A part of the fabric of life
That through nature’s art unites
People, places, and things
To be remembered and thankful for along the way
In the symphony of the song life creates.


Blue Skies of May Lisa A. Wisniewski

And so I ask you to stop for a moment,
Take what you know and where you have been,
Look at how far you have come
Since you started the journey as a seed of God’s love,
See the blessings before your eyes
Whether they be miniscule or large in life,
And recall the who, what, where, when, why, and how
You got to where you are now.
Chances are you have much to be remembered and thankful for
Due to others who have given up something in order to give you more.

For Memorial Day 2016

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Flag in the Dawn Lisa A. Wisniewski


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