Observing God’s Grace


Coreopsis Lisa A. Wisniewski

The beginning of June has brought the smell of honeysuckle to my area, along with coreopsis, tall phlox, and daisy blooms.  The humidity has dropped significantly, making my runs and bike rides more enjoyable under clearer skies.  Yesterday morning, I saw a sliver of a crescent moon amid a very clear blue sky.

I’ve been picking strawberries from my garden patch and eagerly watching the blueberries as they start to ripen.  Tonight, I noticed the sour cherries are turning from green to red.  The vegetable plants in my garden are starting to grow as well.  It will be some time until I see any tomatoes or peppers, but sometimes watching the growing process is as enjoyable as eating the vegetables.

Storms of Life


Shifting Skies Lisa A. Wisniewski

We have also had some rather intense late day and early morning storms.   As I watched the clouds roll through after a late day shower one night, I thought about how so much in nature parallels events in life.  The changing shapes and colors of the clouds matched changes in my mood after learning some good and bad news.  The bad news this week seemed to overshadow the good, and I found myself questioning how and why certain things come to be.

My questions led me to an internal debate about how to view life.  I could see positive and negative aspects of each situation and event.  Though I did not feel comfortable with the negative thoughts or events going on in my world, I felt there was a lesson to learn amid the messiness of these life storms.

Finding Solace


Peaceful Feeling Lisa A. Wisniewski

As my mind continued to debate, I found myself looking to the sky and to my surroundings for solace, comfort, and understanding.  Despite the internal emotional war I was experiencing, I could still see God at work.  The colors in the sky gave me hope.  The flowers and trees gave me energy to persevere through my feelings.  Running and biking offered me a release for frustration, anger, and stress.  Weeding provided a distraction and a sense of being productive.

As I went through my activities and sorted my thoughts, I found myself honing in on God’s grace, which led me to write the following poem:


Sun on the Rise Lisa A. Wisniewski

Where We Find God’s Grace

Early sun on the rise
Within a new day begun under heaven’s skies
Full of opportunities to be found
As the soul walks through and around
The maze of life and its complexities
Reflected in the ways of nature set before thee
In the river of time running to the sea
That delivers each soul differently
To the time and place
Where we find God’s grace.


Oh, So Blue Skies Lisa A. Wisniewski

Blue, oh, so blue sky above
Holding the clouds white reflecting the rays of sun
To create a sight to behold
Only nature could make and unfold
In a manner to help the soul find its way
Through the noisy banter life’s problems make,
Onward to better times,
Moving us forward despite the feelings we have inside
So that we can fully experience life within our days
Where we find God’s grace.


Clouds on the Move Lisa A. Wisniewski

In the shifting clouds within the sky
Nature creates uplifting moments in time,
Rearranging colors and forms
To lead us through changing life storms
Above the valleys and the peaks
Of the journey as we seek
To find solace amid the ups and downs
Of life as we make our way around
And through time and space
Where we find God’s grace.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Sunset on Another Day Lisa A. Wisniewski


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