Observing the Author of Life


Purple Water Iris Lisa A. Wisniewski

This week has brought some new blooms on the flowers, bushes, and trees in my area.  The aromas from the blooms mixed with the smell of freshly cut grass and hay have been almost intoxicating during my runs and bike rides, creating an escape from life’s stress.  While running, I found the first tiger lily in full flower along the roadside.  During a morning bike ride, I noticed the huge magnolia in a neighbor’s yard had flowered overnight.  The warmer temperatures and return of higher humidity also brought forth blooms to a different iris in my landscape beds, as well as buds upon the day lilies in the side yard.


First Tiger Lily of the Season Lisa A. Wisniewski

Noticing these changes made me ponder how so many different interactions occur every day.  These interactions may be invisible like the smell of the flowers and grass, or visible like the blooms of the iris and lilies.  Each interaction plays a part in life’s journey and in moving us upon our way.  It is like a story unfolding before and around us, full of plot twists, characters, scenes, and messages to be processed and interpreted.


Amazing June Skies Lisa A. Wisniewski

This thought, along with my observations in nature the past few days, lead me to write the following poem:


Blue Skies & White Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

Author of Life

In the blue skies and white clouds,
Floating by above the ground;
In the flowers and the trees,
That shower colors before thee;
In the dew on the grass
Below what we do and don’t have;
In the best and worst of times
Riding the crests of the tides;
In the mountains and the plains,
Withstanding the hours of many yesterdays;
In all that is seen and heard
Upon the sea and the earth
Resides the creator of opportunity,
Maker of belief,
Father of the sky,
And author of life.


Flowers in the Trees Blowing in the Breeze Lisa A. Wisniewski

Remarkable writer of any genre,
Wordsmith of comedy and drama,
Director of plots and scenes,
Orchestrator of thoughts and dreams,
Creator of characters unique,
Assigner of blessings to thee,
Narrator of 24/7 and 365,
Carrier of burdens heavy and light,
Restorer of hope,
Guide when exploring the unknown,
The author of life does all these and much more
To lead us from where we were before
To a better time and place
Through His story lines full of grace.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Author of Life Writing in the Morning Sky Lisa A. Wisniewski


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