Pick of the Clicks – June’s Heartbeat


Sunrise June 23, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

The June skies have been stellar, but this particular sunrise drew me in physically and emotionally with its colors.


Sunrise Amid the Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

June’s Heartbeat

Pink and gold sunrise amid the clouds
Moving in sync with the breeze blowing around
Casting shadows like waves
As the colors flow to create
A rolling sea of light
Filled with energy from the sky
Reflecting the sun’s rays
As life comes to the day
With June’s heartbeat
Pumping through time’s sea.


Molten Lava in the Sky  Lisa A. Wisniewski

Tangerine and crimson light
Flow like molten lava to ignite
The sky in flames
As the minutes pass by unrestrained
And the clouds keep moving to the rhythm
Of the sea unfolding again and again
In beautiful waves to fuel the fire
Of God’s grace that never expires
But rather keeps on changing in the wind
Constantly rearranging and beginning again
With the help of June’s heartbeat
Passing through the light from heaven to thee.


Silver and Cornflower Rays  Lisa A. Wisniewski

Silver and cornflower rays
Form before the showers of rain
Come to wash the light from the sky
And move the soul on with time
While the sea collects
Energy from the moments
Of the changing color schemes
Made possible by the love of June’s heartbeat
And nature’s healing art within the skies
As the days stop and start within this life.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Sun and Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski


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