Pick of the Clicks – Feathery Clouds


Feathery Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

The sky was filled with wispy, feathery, white clouds almost every day this week.  As I watched the clouds form, dissipate, and change shape, I thought about how different life events cause humans to form character, assess wants and needs, and make necessary changes.  Like the clouds in the sky, we also change with each passing day, sometimes for known reasons, and other times due to conditions we can’t explain or may not understand.


Morning Has Broken Lisa A. Wisniewski

While running under the wispy morning clouds, I found myself lost in childlike wonder.  The sight before me offered hope, inspiration, and a sense that all will be made well in time.  The mix of sunlight and clouds lifted my spirits and made the not-so-favorable running conditions of high humidity and quickly rising temperatures seem more tolerable.  Though many issues filled my mind, I felt the load of life pressures ebb and fade to some degree, allowing me to enjoy nature’s wonder.



Grapes Along the Roadside Lisa A. Wisniewski

Biking below the feathery clouds tonight, I saw deer,  wild vines in bloom, and green grapes along the roadside.  The air grew warmer and more humid as I rode, yet I felt comfortable with the wind as I pedaled up and down the hills and grades along my route.  All of the motion seemed to be in sync with the cloud movement, offering a sense of intimacy and connection to my surroundings.



All of the thoughts above, along with the sights I saw inspired the following poem:


Sunrise July 18, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

Feathery Clouds

Feathery clouds in the sky
Brought together as the sun begins to rise
Neon pink in the east
With shadows that rise and sink as they weave
Among the changing shades
Of the sun’s rearranging rays
As the quiet of the morning
Lights up nature’s glory
To create a lasting memory
As the day comes to be.


Feathery Clouds Spinning Around Lisa A. Wisniewski

Feathery clouds in the sky
Spinning around the heavens wide
Amidst the summer blue sea
Calling to the soul within thee
To stop, look, and listen,
With childlike awe as the sun glistens
Through the white wisps and streaks
Gliding by with ease
As the warm breeze blows
Through the trees’ boughs
Creating a hushed whisper
Rising up from time’s river.


Rise of the Full Buck Moon July 19, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

Feathery clouds gathered around the full buck moon
As the sun sinks down in the western sky to
Give way to the night
As the deer play in the last light
Amid the clover and teasels that sway
In the breeze that creates
The feeling of summer all around
Rising up from silence’s sound
To fill the mind, body, and soul
With the light of life more precious than gold.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Light of Life Lisa A. Wisniewski


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