Pick of the Clicks – August on the Rise


Misty Sunrise August 1, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

Though the higher temperatures and humidity of the first days of August have been rather unpleasant at times, the sights in the sky and early dawn peacefulness have been amazing.  My morning runs and evening bike rides have been filled with nature’s greatest beauty and God’s amazing grace.

As I watched the sunrise while running the other day, the beginning verse of the following poem came to mind.  I had to wait until later in the day to finish the poem, which allowed me to reflect longer on the experience.


Neon Pink Streaks Lisa A. Wisniewski

August on the Rise

With a blink of the eyes and a nod of the head,
August begins to rise from summer’s bed,
With neon pink streaks across the sky
In the sun’s beams full of life,
Lifting the spirit within
As time shifts position
Through nature’s ways
While the shores catch the waves
Of the rolling sea
Unfolding in the breeze.


Song of Silence in the Dawn Lisa A. Wisniewski

With the song of silence softly playing
As the breeze moves along through the trees swaying,
August begins to rise within summer’s hold,
Dressed in fine peach, tangerine, and gold
Rays that break the shadows of the clouds
As the day comes around
Presenting new opportunities
As the sun moves through the
Heavens above
While spreading God’s love,
Grace, and peace
Like fine lace woven in life’s tapestry.


Blue Sky Drawing Near Lisa A. Wisniewski

With the disappearance of the clouds,
The blue sky draws near for miles around
As August begins to rise
In summer’s delight,
Flanked by the warm, warm breeze
That rises and falls before thee,
Creating pockets of relief
From the day’s heat and humidity
To soothe the soul walking upon the path
Through life full of blessings to be had.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Blessings From Above Lisa A. Wisniewski


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