Observing the Return to Green and Drifting Skies


Two Fawns in the Greening Woods Lisa A. Wisniewski

Mother Nature dumped buckets of rain on my area over the past week.  The much-needed water helped to:

  • Clear the pollen and dust in the air
  • Irrigate dried out lawns
  • Give life to wilted trees, shrubs, and plants
  • Raise the water levels in creeks, streams, and rivers
  • Create misty morning sunrises

While most people were not thrilled with the pattern of afternoon thunderstorms sending walls of water from the sky, the sights seen made for some good stories and events to reflect upon.


Dissipating Storm Clouds at Dawn Lisa A. Wisniewski

Directions From the Deluges

During one particularly hard rain shower, I found myself staring out the window watching the rain blow in sheets across the yard.  Little rivers emerged in short order, cleaning the ground as they flowed through paths of least resistance.

As I stood watching the water falling from the sky, I could not help but feel a bit cleansed.  The humidity earlier in the day had left me very drained, but hearing the rain’s rhythm slowly revived my energy level.  The mantra sounded a bit like a hymn, almost as if nature was trying to redirect my attention while allowing me to clear the thoughts in my head.


The Magic of Perspective Lisa A. Wisniewski

Watching the water flow made me wonder where recent life events were leading me.  I realized I had come to a crossroad and needed to make some decisions.  Some of these decisions were easy to make, but others left more questions than answers.

Going through the exercise of contemplating options offered some different perspectives I had not previously considered, which gave me hope that trying some different methods and directions may lead to better days ahead.

Rain, Rain Everywhere

On several of my runs and bike rides in the rain, I noticed the sun shining through the rain drops.  While no rainbow was present, the bright sun against the drops made them sparkle like diamonds.  The shimmering sight before me was like fine treasure, lifting my mood.

Though I prefer to run and bike in dry conditions, there were several days I was just happy to be away from life’s demands, out there with the raindrops whispering through the trees.  It was like a private therapy session with nature, feeling the soft rain seep into my core and wash away the stress.


It’s Raining, But the Sun is Shining Lisa A. Wisniewski

While nothing really bad happened during the week, it did seem as if the rains of life were falling along with the rains of nature.   Each day, some item I needed to use broke.  First the dehumidifier in the basement, then one lawn mower, than a part on another mower, then an electric outlet in one of the bedrooms, and the list kept growing.  At one point, I looked up to the sky and asked, “Really?”

Brighter Moments

Between downpours, the clouds did clear to reveal summer blue skies.   The clearness of the blue hues was breath-taking at times, offering a reprieve from the dreary gray storm clouds.  As the days went past, I noticed the landscape becoming green once again.  The dormant grass turned from brown to green almost overnight in some areas of the yard, and the leaves on the trees turned from pale olive to forest green.

The changing colors reminded me that both life and nature have up and down moments.  As these moments become woven through time, the extremes have a way of evening out.  In order to fully see the good around us, we have to experience the bad as well.  This leads me to believe that we are all part of the canvas of life created under drifting skies.


Above the Misty Morn Lisa A. Wisniewski

Under Drifting Skies


Misty morn, calling to me
As life unexplored comes to be
In the sunlight filtering down
And the dew lying on the ground
Form a mosaic of colors
And shades that shelter
Many a blessing in disguise
Through time pressing on under drifting skies.


Feathery Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

Feathery clouds, way up high
Gathering around the sun’s light
As the day passes within time’s sea
To create both what one has and what one comes to be
Through the grace of God
Granted in each day’s dawn
Colored by the light of life
Rising and falling with the tides under drifting skies.


Full Sturgeon Moon Lisa A. Wisniewski

Full sturgeon moon of August in the night
Rising orange and turning white
While watching over earth below
And offering an awesome show
To end the day with a calming peace
Acting as a balm to the stormy seas
That ebb and flow within the soul inside
Moving along the road under drifting skies.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Drift Away Lisa A. Wisniewski


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