Observing September’s Skies


Sunrise September 8, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

Stepping out the door this morning, I noticed the sky was filled with feathery clouds that reflected the light of the rising sun.  The sight was one I wished I could bottle and keep with me as a reminder of all the glories of summer.

Moving On


Instant Inspiration Lisa A. Wisniewski

Though the days on the calendar keep marching toward autumn in my area, Mother Nature is making sure we all know summer is not over yet.  With temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s and humidity levels at seasonal highs, there is no mistake that summer is not going out without a fight.  The weather conditions are also making sure I get my share of great runs, memorable bike rides, and tons of sweat.

All the activity and sweat have been good for my soul, my mental state, and my physical well-being.  I find it amazing how nature finds ways to cleanse us if we allow it to do so.  Nature does a very good job taking care of us, and I wish others realized the extents of the effort put forth each day which allow us to live, grow, and rise above the challenges of life.

September Blessings


Healing Power of the Light Lisa A. Wisniewski

Many years ago, I came to see the wonders of nature through a healing experience after a rather tragic event in my family.  The healing came in September, and I recall being drawn to the skies’ colors, changes, and light.  It was the light that led me out of what was a very dark time and allowed me to find hope.  This hope in turn deepened my faith, which allowed me to survive.


Ever since this experience, I look forward to September’s skies and all the offerings they bring to life.  The sights before me this week gave me additional reasons to feel blessed by nature’s beauty and teachings.  Reflecting upon what I have seen, learned, and experienced thus far led to the following poem:


Feathery Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

Within September’s Skies

Feathery clouds above the sky in the east
Spreading around as the day comes to be
Beneath the heavens wide
Full of blue streaks and wisps of white,
Pastel pinks and light melon hues,
That rise and sink as the dew
On the grass evaporates
After being kissed by the dawn’s rays
Of the sun rising over the hills and trees
To fill the soul with peace
While moving along in the river of time
Delivered within September’s skies.


Golden Sphere Rising Lisa A. Wisniewski

Golden sphere rising from the haze
To make clear the path made
Through nature’s beauty of sights and sounds
Brought into the light as time spins around
In the currents and the waves
Of time’s river flowing to the bays
Of the shores that hold the footprints
Of many a soul lost within
The magic and the mystery
Of how things happen for reasons unknown to thee,
Yet somehow all is made right
With the help of the rays within September’s skies.


Beneath the Walnut Tree Lisa A. Wisniewski

Tangerine glow rising beneath
The drooping boughs of the walnut tree
Break the mist of the morn
Into droplets that fade before
Many an eye can see
The extent and the height of God’s reach
Through the blessings placed upon
Each day’s magical dawn
And the twinkling stars of each night
Brought to thee within September’s skies.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski

May we find hope, strength, and faith upon the journey of life, and may we recognize the blessings to be found along the way.  May  September’s skies offer us new perspectives, increased wisdom, and opportunities to help others along the way.


Perspective in the Making Lisa A. Wisniewski


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