Observing September’s Time & Gifts


Time Standing Still Lisa A. Wisniewski

The last few days of September have offered pleasant skies, great runs and bike rides, and much to observe in nature in my area.  The cooler nights have offset the warmer daytime temperatures, allowing the leaves on the trees to start changing color.   Some trees are now dropping leaves at a fairly fast pace.  Others are holding on despite the conditions.

Actions and Reactions


Shifting Clouds of Perspective Lisa A. Wisniewski

Observing the different reactions of the trees and plants to the changes in temperature and daylight made me ponder how we humans react and change to our surroundings.  While some reactions are natural responses, others are more calculated or pre-meditated and can lead to what I call “drama” in life.

How we respond is our choice to make.  Sometimes our choices lead to good outcomes and pleasant surprises.  Other times we are not so lucky and may have difficulties accepting the outcomes of life events.  In either case, we are granted the gift of perspective to help us grow and mature.

Using Gifts Wisely


Rays of Hope Lisa A. Wisniewski

I admit it has taken me years to recognize the good that can be found in bad experiences.  There are still times when I don’t immediately recognize these hidden gifts, or gifts in disguise, and allow the stress of life to darken my view.   Fortunately, I have others around me who can offer rays of light to guide my thoughts to brighter places.

Through the years, I have learned that nature is one of the greatest gift givers.  If we look and listen, we can receive much guidance from nature free of charge at any time of the day or night.  If we allow ourselves the luxury of a few quiet moments in nature, we can find comfort, strength, solace, and renewed energy.   Similarly, if we allow God a few moments of our time, we can receive His blessings and grace.

Greatest Gift of All

If we strip down our wants and needs, we find time as the root.  It is time that grants us life, experience, emotion, and energy.  Time creates and recreates what we need in life.  Time is the river holding the water that satisfies our greatest thirsts.


Clouds of All Kinds Lisa A. Wisniewski

Looking at the skies this week, I tried to soak up the colors, energy, grace, and beauty within them.  The blue hues and mix of various cloud types offered peace, perspective, and patience to my soul.

Maybe it is because there is less daylight this time of year, but I always find myself holding on to the light, lingering at times in the sun’s rays.  Though I should be doing other things, I have found taking just a few minutes of the day to stop, look, listen, and be thankful for what I see and hear to be most helpful in handling life’s storms.

May we all allow ourselves the time we need to learn, grow, adapt, and change.  May we see the simple beauty of time, and may we respect this great gift, not only in our own lives, but in the lives of others around us.

May you enjoy the following poem,  inspired by September’s time in my area.


White, Oh, So White Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

September’s Time

Bright, clear blue skies
With white, oh, so white
Clouds floating on the breeze
Blowing above the trees
At the end of summer and start of fall
Riding the wonder and the awe
Of nature’s beauty stretched across
Moments given to thee by the grace of God
Within the days of September’s time
In the sun’s rays and changing light.


White Crayon on Blue Backdrop Lisa A. Wisniewski

Like white crayon on a blue backdrop,
The clouds unite then move on,
Catching the rays of the sun as they go
In rivers of waves that flow
Across the heavenly seas
Caught up in nature’s beauty
And most creative art
Rising from the shadows to dispel the dark
With colors so graceful and fine
As life unfolds the days of September’s time,
Moving the soul further upon the journey
With lessons that hold the keys to learning.


White Sun at Midday Lisa A. Wisniewski

Bright, white sun at midday
Appears to ignite the landscape
In a rainbow of hues;
Gold, green, yellow, red, and blue,
Orange, peach, pink, and chartreuse,
Olive, melon, tan, and gray,
Royal purple, mahogany, sand, and ivory lace,
All come gather together and unite
Within the days of September’s time,
Bringing grace to summer’s end
And life to autumn’s onset.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Colors of September Lisa A. Wisniewski


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