Observing the Glory of Autumn’s Light


Golden Autumn Sunset Lisa A. Wisniewski

We are one month into the autumn season in my area.  Mother Nature is slowly walking us down the path away from summer into the heart of autumn.  We’ve had a few cool nights and frosty mornings, as well as some very warm midday temperatures and afternoon thundershowers.  The contrasts in temperature have allowed the leaves on the trees to turn from green to yellow, orange, rust, red, gold, and other shades, which I have enjoyed during my runs, bike rides, and walks with my dog, Sadie.

Spring in Reverse


Colors of Autumn Lisa A. Wisniewski

I have often thought of autumn as spring in reverse because of the sequence of color changes.  In the spring, the landscape changes from drab earthy shades to green.  The green then becomes dotted with blossoms in white, pink, purple, blue, peach, and yellow shades.  In autumn, the landscape turns from green to bold colors of gold, yellow, red, orange, and other shade variations.  Once the colors in the tree leaves peak, they fade into tan and brown shades.

While I personally prefer the increased hours of daylight and brighter colors of spring, I also cherish autumn’s sunlight and color changes.  Though it is sometimes sad to see the leaves disappear and the grass turn from green to an olive shade, there is something invigorating about the chill in morning air, feeling the rise of the temperature throughout the day, and watching the bold, crisp sunsets above the rising mist in the valleys as the moon rises in the opposite sky.

Special Sights

This past week, Sadie and I got to see some spectacular sights in the skies and the landscape:

  • On October 16, we saw the full Hunter’s Moon appear very large in the sky. The reason for the large appearance had to do with the distance the moon was from the earth.  When the moon rises full and its path is closest to the earth, it is called a supermoon.


    Hazy Sunrise Lisa A. Wisniewski

  • On October 17 and 18, we watched the sun rise amidst the haze and above the mist hanging just above the ground. By mid-morning, the temperatures had climbed considerably and the skies had turned clear.  By definition, we experienced Indian Summer-like conditions.
  • On October 19, we saw heavy morning dew make the grass blades appear like little soldiers in the yard with sparkling hats. Sadie jumped and played in the dew drops like a happy puppy.
  • On my bike ride tonight, I watched the skies turn from sunny and bright to dreary and stormy. In the east, the sky was calm, but in the west, dark clouds loomed as thunder clapped and lightening flashed across the clouds.  I finished my ride just before the dark clouds took over the skies completely and dumped rain down like a waterfall.

Reflecting on the Light of Life

As I reflect upon the sights of the week, I find myself drawn to the times when the sun’s rays create a sense of hope, filling my soul with energy.  Several times this week, I watched the sun’s rays pierce through the thick clouds or haze.  The light appeared like shafts at an angle from the ground.  Looking at the shafts, I felt uplifted and renewed, almost as if God was drawing me up the incline of the light shaft toward heaven.


Drawn to the Light Lisa A. Wisniewski

As I watched the light, memories of past autumns filled my mind, reminding me how far I have come upon this journey we call life.  Through the years and the miles, nature has drawn me closer to God and closer to where I think I wish to be.  Nature and God have changed my perspectives along the way, allowing me to grow in mind, body, and spirit.

While I believe this is a natural process, I also think there are times when we may not want to follow, or may be afraid to follow the light.  It is in such times that we rely on faith to be our guide.  One thing we must remember is that faith is there to lead us through the good, the bad, and the ugly of life.  Every adventure has the potential to change us for better or worse.

We may or may not have control over the outcomes of these adventures, which can be hard to accept.  However, we do have the choice of accepting God’s grace, which can overcome all obstacles.

May our journey through the miles allow us to grow in faith and hope.  May our experiences allow us to help others along the way, and may we find life in the glory of the autumn light.


Sunrise, October 20, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

The Glory of Autumn’s Light

In melon and peach shades
The sun peeks above the landscape
Amidst the clouds wispy and white
Above the mist and cornstalks so high
In the fields where the deer graze
Upon the yield of cobs turned maize
As morning comes to life
In the glory of autumn’s light.


Morning Dew Lisa A. Wisniewski

White dew drops on the grass
Wait to be kissed as the sun sweeps past,
Creating a sparkling show so fine
Like diamonds that glow and jewels that shine
Within the sea of green blades
Washed clean as the dew drops rain
Down upon nature’s story of life
In the glory of autumn’s light.


Fading Moon in Midday Sky Lisa A. Wisniewski

Fading moon in the midday sky
Above the boughs of the trees up high
Shaded and yellow, gold, burnt orange, and red,
Green turned mellow, bold rust, and scarlet,
Reflecting before thee upon the hillside
In the glory of autumn’s light.


Late Afternoon in the Autumn Sky Lisa A. Wisniewski

Late afternoon clouds puffy and soft
Hanging above the ground painted by God,
Moving ever so slowly
In the sky’s blue sea,
Creating moments for the soul to stop and reflect
Upon time’s folds and what has and has not been seen yet
Within the rivers roaring through life
In the glory of autumn’s light.


Golden Sunset Lisa A. Wisniewski

Golden sun sinking in the western sky,
A sight to behold within the clouds that collide
In wispy streaks and feathered bows
Where the colors meet to bestow
God’s love before the night
In the glory of autumn’s light.


Full Moon, October 16, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

Full moon in the dark of night,
Bright in the navy blue of the sky
Creating shadows upon the ground
Where the river flows around and around
Through reflections poured in love and life
Within the glory of autumn’s light.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski

Resources and Related Links

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Indian Summer – http://www.almanac.com/content/indian-summer-what-why-and-when

Supermoon – https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/moon/super-full-moon.html


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