Observing Autumn’s Canvas


Scarlet Oak Lisa A. Wisniewski

Nature brought out the palette and paint brush in my area this week, coloring the hills with changing leaves and creating vivid masterpieces in the skies.  I found myself totally lost in the hues and beauty around me as I ran, biked, walked, and worked in the yard.  The experiences made for some deep thoughts about thankfulness and priorities in life.

Little Things Are Huge

In conversations with others and in my own life experiences, I have found the little things matter most and make life more pleasant.  Things like a few moments of quiet in the early or late evening hours, the sun’s rays breaking through the clouds, the lick of a dog’s tongue on your hand, and the colors in the landscape may not have monetary value, but they sure do make life worth living.


Inspiration in Motion Lisa A. Wisniewski

Throughout my life, I have found inspiration in little things, allowing me to forge ahead through some rather difficult life storms.  I also discovered that sharing the little things makes them more precious than fine jewels.  After all, it is in giving that we receive and find possible the impossible.

Miniscule Miracles

Nature has taught me that anything is possible if we are willing to try.  It is in trying that we find encouragement and strength to continue onward, and in continuing onward, we discover ways to grow, learn, and share.  In a way, this process is like one tiny chemical reaction that starts a domino effect of events, resulting in a much larger accomplishment.


Hope in the Light Lisa A. Wisniewski

So, the little things are like catalysts for bigger things.  What appears small on the surface is actually just a fragment of all that lies beneath or within.  In trying, we scrape the surface of the potential beneath.  This potential allows us to dig deeper and discover more resources.  The discoveries we make often lead us to share our findings with others.

Our willingness to share can then lead to reciprocated sharing of experiences and wisdom, as well as uniting or combining resources to reach a common goal.  What started out as a tiny seed becomes a vital branch in the tree of life.

Coloring By Number

Like the trees in nature, we also grow, bloom, and reconstruct ourselves through the seasons of our years.  We are influenced and guided by our surroundings and resources, and we need the light of hope and nutrients of water to survive.


Autumn’s Many Colors Lisa A. Wisniewski

Though our resources may differ from those of others, we have similar basic common needs, which help to keep us connected.  Like the tree leaves, we all have different characteristics that define who we are.  These characteristics are what make us colorful.  When we put our various colors and shades together, we get a picture called life.

May we discover the beauty of little things in life and use our true colors to create a better landscape around us.  May we see the fruits of our efforts, and be willing to share them along the way.  May autumn’s canvas give us strength to endure the journey, and light to lead the way to our destination.


Flaming Dogwood Lisa A. Wisniewski

Autumn’s Canvas

In deep, deep red and burnt orange highlights,
The leaves of the dogwood spread beneath the skies,
Along with the crimson and rust of the oak,
The flaming red and golden glows
Of the sunset and sugar maple trees,
And the chestnut and mahogany
Of the sassafras towering so high,
Allowing nature to create an autumn canvas so fine.


Feathered Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

In feathered white cotton clouds
Way up high above the ground
Reflecting the sun’s rays
While projecting an aura of grace
Through the stellar blue sea
Flowing through and in between
The earth so vast and the heavens wide,
Nature creates an autumn canvas so fine.


Sunset Glow Lisa A. Wisniewski

In the glow of the sun and the mosaic of life
Moving to and from the day and the night,
In the leaves and the falling raindrops
Mixed with mystery and awe,
In the green grass blades
And the intricacy of the leaf veins,
In everything that comes to pass within time,
Nature creates an autumn canvas so fine.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Sunset, November 3, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski


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