Observing November’s Journey


Supermoon on the Rise Lisa A. Wisniewski

This week brought the Full Beaver Moon (also called the Frosty Moon) to my area.  Watching it rise over the woods behind our house was a peaceful, moving experience.  The way the light caught the edges of the clouds and cast shadows upon the ground and the trees made it feel as if I was being transported across the fall landscape in a brief glimpse of what heaven may be like.  My dog Sadie watched the moon’s ascent with me and seemed to be mesmerized by the sight as well.

This month’s full moon was also a special supermoon, appearing much larger than normal due to the orbit being so close to that of the earth.  The media made quite a fuss about the occurrence, calling much attention to nature’s beauty and wonder.

Why Must We Have –ier and –iest?


What Price is the Sky? Lisa A. Wisniewski

While gazing at the moon and contemplating the articles I had read about the special lunar event, I wondered why it often takes a rare or unique sight or happening to catch society’s attention.  After all, there are many spectacular moon risings and settings if one is willing to take the time to observe them.   It seems so much hype is required these days for anyone to notice.  If something is not –ier or –iest,  people pay little or no attention.

Advertisements call products better, best, newly improved, enhanced, and other adjectives to persuade us to purchase them.  However, many aspects and articles in life don’t need to be –ier or –iest to have value.  After all, who can put a price on the quiet of the morning, the color of the sky, the stillness of the night, or the cleansing effect of a rain shower?

The Power of Simplicity


Skies of Enlightenment Lisa A. Wisniewski

A friend recently gave me a card with four simple phrases written inside.  That card made all the difference in the world helping me get through a day that had started out a little rough.  Quite frankly, I felt as if I had won the lottery after reading my friend’s simple, sincere words.    At the end of the day, I watched the sunset full of thanks to God for my friend and for all the simple things in life that make the journey so much better.

As I watched the sky change color, I recalled a similar sky I had seen many years ago.  I remember this particular sky because it marked a turning point in my life, allowing me to see and feel God’s presence despite all the messiness around me.  Though this sky did not erase my problems, pay my bills, or catapult me into fame and fortune, it did change my mind, heart, soul, and life path over time.

Waiting on Someday

I had to be patient to see the full effect of my sky experience.  At times, it was difficult and downright frustrating.  I often asked God why I had to wait, when things would seem better, and what had I done wrong.  Sometimes it seemed as if God would never answer my questions.


Someday in the Making Lisa A. Wisniewski

As time passed, I realized God had provided answers, but His answers were not what I expected or wanted.  I had to learn that He was not saying, “No, not ever,” but rather, “No, not now.”

In hindsight, I am sure God was equally frustrated with my stubbornness and inability to see His ways at work.  I suppose He likened me to the people Moses led out of Egypt who grumbled and did not seem thankful for His grace and blessings.  Fortunately for those people and for me, God was patient, kind, and forgiving along the way.  He allowed someday to arrive, but it was in His time and under His terms.

Journey Within

French statesman  Charles de Gaulle is credited with saying, “We may well go to the moon, but that’s not very far.  The greatest distance we have to cover still lies within us.”


Light in the Distance Lisa A. Wisniewski

Nature has allowed me to see the truthfulness of this quote first hand.  Through my observations while running, biking, walking, and spending time outdoors, I have come to realize how far I have traveled in this journey, as well as how many miles remain.  My experiences tell me that what lies behind or beneath a surface is what has the power to impact us most.

Throughout my life, I have used the month of November as a time for reflection, reassessment, adjustment, and thankfulness.  Why did I pick November? Well, most likely because it is historically a kind of bland month in my area with fall ending and a lot of gray days without much pizazz.  November is not showy or pompous, but rather simple and ordinary.  It does not have the energy of May, the vibrant skies of June, or the colors of September and October.  However, it has many little moments that have the potential to create experiences of great value.

May we learn to see the value in our surroundings, no matter how glamorous or simple they may be.  May what we learn as we make our way through life give us strength and courage for the journey we must make within us. 


Quiet Sun Lisa A. Wisniewski


Quiet sun in the east
Rising above the frost beneath
As day comes to life
After the wake of the night
To move the soul upon the journey
As the hands of time keep on turning
Through the moments and the hours
That overflow with magic powers
To carry the soul upon its way
Through the folds of God’s grace.


Swirling Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

Swirling clouds amid the blue
Twirling with the truth
Of the light
In God’s love through time
To lead the way through the dark
Past the pain of the heart
And all the miles spent
After the fall trying to rise again
Upon the journey one must make
Through the sun and the rain
To a better place and time
Where one can embrace the light.


Full Moon on the Rise Lisa A. Wisniewski

Full moon on the rise
On the way through the night,
Illuminating the path for the feet
Trekking past the hills and valleys,
Over fields and grass blades,
To prove one has what it takes
To survive upon the journey
While creating a life full of learning
Through reflections and observations,
Corrections and steps mistaken,
Ups and downs, across, and sideways
To the arms of God’s embrace.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


God’s Embrace Lisa A. Wisniewski

Resources and Related Links

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