Observing Thanksgiving 2016


Sunset in the Snow Clouds Lisa A. Wisniewski

The past week brought some winter-like weather to my area with cold temperatures, high winds, and snow.  Inclement conditions put an end to my consecutive days of biking.  I was very sad to see the streak end.  However, I couldn’t help but be thankful for the opportunity to bike every day from March 18 through November 19.  That’s eight months straight of pedaling through nature’s changes–not too bad for living in Southwestern Pennsylvania and dealing with life’s many storms.


First Ocean View Lisa A. Wisniewski

Actually, my last consecutive day of biking was spent in Florida.  While visiting a friend there, I was able to bike under sunny, clear skies while my hometown was dealing with gray skies and snow.

My trip was full of first time experiences, including:  flying in an airplane, seeing the ocean, walking on the beach, and kayaking.  I am very thankful for these experiences and for the opportunities my friend gave me in asking if I would come for a visit.

Circle of Thanks

Since I first started writing this blog, I have discovered more about myself, my surroundings, and my audience.  Reading comments, seeing how many people like each post, and getting updates on who is now following this blog make me feel as if my writing has found a purpose.  For this, I am extremely grateful and thankful.  I appreciate each reader taking the time to view the pictures, read the words, and contemplate the ideas presented.


Circle of Thanks at Sunset Lisa A. Wisniewski

Though I do not get paid for my writing, I do feel compensated in other ways, such as knowing someone liked a post.  This cycle of giving and receiving is what fuels my passion to share nature’s changes and lessons with others.

May the cycle of giving and receiving help to renew the mind, body, and spirit, and may we find reason to be thankful each day for the blessings granted to us. 


Passing November Skies Lisa A. Wisniewski

Thanksgiving 2016

As November comes to pass,
I like to remember all the things that have
Helped me reach this place and time
Through hope and faith, love and light.


Waves Going Out and Back Again Lisa A. Wisniewski

For the sun, moon, stars, and rain,
The waves that go out and come back again,
Friends old and new who stay close
To help get through the miles upon the road,


Footprints Along the Way Lisa A. Wisniewski

For oceans and beaches, mountains and plains,
And all the beauty in between and upon the way,
For opportunities large and small,
Fresh starts, and challenges that call
The soul to rise above and move beyond
In the rays of the sun and still of the dawn,


Skies of Grace Lisa A. Wisniewski

For skies both blue and gray
Leading to the truth through God’s grace,
For all the little things in life
That allow the heart to sing and soul to fly.


Honoring Those Who Serve Lisa A. Wisniewski

For those who serve and protect
Through generations past, present, and next,
For the sound of silence and peace
Wrapped in and around the breeze,


Seasons Shades Personified Lisa A. Wisniewski

For the seasons and their many colorful shades
That lead us to our given time and place,
For all these things and many more,
I say a great “Thank you, Lord.”

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Little Things Lisa A. Wisniewski


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