Observing Christmas


Sunset December 20, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

The weather brought many presents with it to my area this past week, including:

  • Beautiful white snow flakes
  • Sparkling ice after a freezing rain shower
  • Moments of sunshine to make the cold air seem warmer
  • Quiet in the falling snow
  • Amazingly beautiful sunsets two days in a row

Gifts With Strings Attached


Ice and Snow Lisa A. Wisniewski

Though the weather also created quite a mess on roadways, knocked out power in some areas, and made for some challenging situations, I could not help but think of all the changes as a gift.

Why? Because they took my focus off of the “commercial” side of Christmas (not that I was all that focused on it to begin with) and pulled my attention to nature and what matters most in life.  What better gift to receive than that of experiencing life?


Clearing Skies Lisa A. Wisniewski

Now I admit I had my share of frustrations while dealing with the elements outside.  I was not a happy camper when the ice ruined my normal Saturday morning run or when the cold cancelled a bike ride I really wanted to take.

I was also not happy when my youngest dog chewed a rather large hole in the middle of the living room carpet while trying to get out of his crate.  But (and this is a big but) the events made me realize living life means going through both good and bad times, and we need both good and bad to make us fully appreciate what we have.

Reason for the Season


Heavenly Mysteries Lisa A. Wisniewski

Maybe this is why God used unorthodox ways to send His only son to save His people.  Through the Bible, we learn of the history and events that led to the birth of Jesus.  Many of these events were rather unique in nature and unseen up to the point they occurred (nor have they been seen since).

Some of the events, such as the star in the east and willingness of Joseph and Mary to follow their faith, were viewed as good.  Other events, such as Herod’s decrees and the lack of room in the inn were viewed as less fortunate by the people.

Nevertheless, time moved on, carrying the people with it through a myriad of circumstances, including: births, deaths, floods, miracle cures, famines, and unlikely good fortunes.  The weaving of these events create the history of the past, foundation of the present, and faith for the future.

Timely Tidings


Moving On Lisa A. Wisniewski

Time continues to move us forward, regardless of the situations we meet along the way.  May we use this time and our experiences (be they good, bad, or otherwise) to be thankful for the salvation offered to us through the birth of Jesus and the season of Christmas.

May nature lead us to the gifts of perspective, understanding, and wisdom.  May we find the changes encountered to be enlightening, uplifting, and helpful upon the journey through the Christmas season and in the coming year.


Season’s Blooms Lisa A. Wisniewski

Merry Christmas

Mornings aglow with the rays of the sun
Energizing before thee the day begun
Rolling through the river of time
Riding the waves delivered in life
Yielding only to nature’s ways and God’s grace.


Heaven’s Light Lisa A. Wisniewski

Crimson and magenta, orange, yellow, and gold,
Harken to present a sight to behold
Rising and flowing with ease
Into the sky above the trees
Spreading light and warmth across the sky
To make right the paths through time
Made by the soul walking along
Aware of the hold of nature’s song
Singing, “Merry Christmas and Amen” today under heaven.


Midday Skies Lisa A. Wisniewski

Midday skies blue with white clouds
Envelope the heavens wide as the sound
Rises from the activities below
Rearranged by life and the changes that flow
Yonder and hither and back again with blessings heaven sent.


Oh, Come, Oh, Come Emanuel Lisa A. Wisniewski

Crimson and dark red, burnt orange, and deep gold
Harken to the soul
Roaming beneath the western sky
In the last beams of the sun’s light
Spreading and changing shades
Through the rearranging of the days
Moving through time to the sea
As nature unwinds its many mysteries
Singing, “Merry Christmas and Amen” today under heaven.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Rejoice! Lisa A. Wisniewski


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