Observing 2016


Sunset Christmas Day 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

Sunset on Christmas Day in my area was remarkably beautiful, most likely because we had rather cloudy skies for several days prior.  The temperature rose at the end of the day and the high winds died down to a gentle breeze before dusk.  For my dogs and me, seeing all the colors was like a gift from God, allowing us to spend some extra time playing outside.  As we played, I found myself reflecting upon what I am most thankful for in life, as well as where the year has led.

The Year in Colors


Changing Colors at Sunset Lisa A. Wisniewski

Watching the colors change from gold to orange to crimson and back again, I thought about how the sunset is similar to living through a year in a shorter time frame.  The sunset has the yellow-gold glow of hope and aspiration similar to January’s best wishes and resolutions.  As the colors change to deeper orange, they reflect the great energy of spring’s time from March through June.

The crimson reminds me of the warm summer nights spent outdoors trying to soak up all the opportunities the long summer days offer from June until September.  As the crimson fades back to a burnt orange or a golden yellow, it is like coming through the autumn colors in the tree leaves amid the crisper morning and evening air.  The last rays of light before the stars come out bring the cycle full circle, back to the cool white of winter.


Colors of Fall 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

We certainly experienced an abundance of color throughout the seasons this year.  The frosty and lacey whites and darker browns and grays of winter gave way to the verdant greens and blues of spring.  The flowers of spring, summer, and fall made the landscapes pop with shades of orange, red, purple, and yellow.  Fall’s cooler air turned the tree leaves deep rust, gold, burnt orange, and violet.  Winter winds swept the trees bare to reveal the ash gray and walnut brown of the branches made prettier by the delicate crystal snowflakes.

The Year in Numbers


Clearing Skies Above Lisa A. Wisniewski

Looking at the clock, I noticed the sun had not set until 5:00, which means my area has gained six minutes of daylight towards the evening hours.  Those six minutes make a world of difference as I try to squeeze my running and biking activities into each day before darkness falls.

The mornings are still dark with sunrise at 7:43.  However, on clear days, the skies are bright a full 30 minutes before the sun actually rises.  Thirty minutes may not sound like much, but if you think about all the things you can do in that time, you may realize just how much of a difference every  minute  makes in life.


Sunset December 28, 2016 Lisa A. Wisniewski

Looking at my biking days log, I realized nature was very good to me this year, allowing for 335 days of weather suitable for biking.  (I admit some rides were really cold, wet, and miserable, but prefer to focus on the positive rather than the negative).  Tonight’s ride was special, for the sunset glowed deep yellow before turning peach and tangerine.  The skies stayed clear and deep blue above the sun’s rays, creating a halo effect.  My hope is the next three days are half as good as today was weather-wise so I can add three more to the total.

The miles pedaled in my rides provided many ideas for the posts in this blog, as well as solutions to personal problems, insight and perspective for the future, and time to be thankful.  The value in these moments is priceless to me, as are the lessons learned along the way.

The Year in Reflection

Reflecting on my activities through the year allows me to realize what I have and have not accomplished.  Sometimes I am disappointed in my efforts, but more often, I am simply glad to have lived through the circumstances, experiences, and events of each year.


Riding Life’s Waves Lisa A. Wisniewski

This year was like riding the waves of the sea for me personally, for I saw many ups and downs, felt tossed about and turned around on more than a few occasions, and got to ride the high tide through some rewarding experiences after having worked hard to achieve certain goals.  The year has brought good and bad, joyful and sad moments, all of which move us forward in time’s river to the sea.

While we may not always feel as if we are moving in any given direction, nature and the essence of life are making us take the journey.  How we view this journey is what makes us who we are, who we wish to be, and who we become.

A Moment of Thanks


Thanks in the Clearing Skies Lisa A. Wisniewski

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has taken time to read my posts throughout the year.  It is not easy to find time to do all we need to in a day, let alone what we want to do.  Thank you for taking some of your precious time to read and respond.  Seeing your likes and responses has been and continues to be most rewarding for the aspiring writer in me.

May each year lead us further along on our journey.  May our experiences allow us to gain wisdom and find inspiration to move beyond life’s storms.  May our willingness to share and help others along the way bring a sense of peace and hope for today and tomorrow.


December Sunrise Lisa A. Wisniewski

Today and Tomorrow

We may see the sun rise and set
In the light of the moments,
We may find joy and hope
In the winding of the road,
We may learn and teach
As time turns toward the sea
Granted to us in today and tomorrow
Through God’s grace and blessings borrowed.


Shores of Life Lisa A. Wisniewski

We may feel many emotions
In the zeal of life’s ocean,
We may hear many songs
Through the year as we go along,
We may taste both bitter and sweet
Fruits through the unknown of the journey
Granted to us in today and tomorrow
In both the rain and the sun’s sorrows.


How and Why in Nature Lisa A. Wisniewski

We may ask how and why
We got the who and what in our lives,
We may wonder about where and when
As we learn to share and live again,
We may feel both lost and found
As we make our way around
The time granted to us in today and tomorrow
Through God’s grace and blessings borrowed.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Hope and Peace in the Light Lisa A. Wisniewski


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