Observing Mother’s Day (May 14, 2017)


Beautiful Sunrise Lisa A. Wisniewski

May continues to bring colorful blossoms, warmer days, and brighter skies to my area.  We did experience a rather wet, rainy, cold, and frosty weekend this past week, but moved quickly into a stretch of several days of sunshine.  All the blooms and colors I see while working in the yard, walking the dogs, running, and biking remind me of both God’s and Mother Nature’s care and concern for the world and for me.

The full moon on May 10, called the Full Flower Moon by the Native American Indians, was most appropriate, complementing the emerging buds.  Some tribes called May’s full moon the Full Corn Planting or the Full Milk Moon.

Flowers Everywhere


Rhododendron Lisa A. Wisniewski

The blooming rhododendron, iris, peonies, azalea, lilac, honeysuckle, dogwood, coreopsis, dianthus, tall phlox, buttercups, and buckeye flowers each have distinct colors and textures.  Though they differ, they are all beautiful in their own way, much like people.  Seeing all of them emerging at this time of year reminds me of the many mothers I know, and how special each one is.  Much like the flowers, each one has her own color, beauty, and life philosophy.  Combined, they make a great bouquet in my mind, act as a reminder of life’s blessings, and provide many wonderful conversations and life experiences.


Buttercups Lisa A. Wisniewski

Of course, I hold the highest regard for my own mom, the person who raised me, made sure I knew how to do the important things in life (pray, clean, do laundry, iron, cook, bake, balance a check book, use tools, write letters, etc.), and acted as a friend, counselor, and teacher in addition to a mother to me.  I am fortunate to live close to her, to communicate with her regularly, and to have her as a compass upon my life journey.

In addition to Mom, I have two cousins with whom I am close and consider to be like sisters and mothers to me.  I also have several friends who act as sisters and second or adopted mothers in my life.  All of these ladies are special in their own way and offer a great variety of knowledge, insight, and perspective, all of which I am thankful for and sincerely appreciate.

You Are My Sunshine


May Sunrise Lisa A. Wisniewski

Along with the blooming flowers, the sun in the sky offers light and beauty to help guide my soul through the trials and tribulations of each day.  Seeing the sun rise and set also acts as a reminder for me to count my blessings and be thankful.  Watching the colors change as the sun rises and sets always makes me marvel at God’s and Mother Nature’s awesome power and creativity.  The different shades of light act as energy boosters to my mind, body, and soul.

Much like the sun, the mothers in my life act as light to brighten my day.  Spending time with them always gives me confidence to overcome the problems I have.  They each may have their own opinion on how I should go about tackling the latest life crisis, yet the combined insight is a powerful tool I have found to be most valuable.  They are the light in the darkness of life, often acting as my sunshine to help pick me up and lead me forward.

Discovering Life


Walnut Tree of Wisdom Lisa A. Wisniewski

As I make my way upon this journey called life, I often wonder about what I see, hear, think, and feel.  The questions in my mind lead me to investigate, research, and draw conclusions.  Though this process is somewhat natural, I believe the people in my life have helped me develop the skills necessary to complete the steps in the process.  My wonderings and wanderings have allowed me to discover both life and its many blessings, and I believe the mothers I know or have known played a huge role in opening my mind, heart, and soul so that I can fully experience life.


Coreopsis Lisa A. Wisniewski

Though my experience may not be the same as others, I do hope we all can appreciate the many different mothers we know for the depth of their beauty, creativity, and strength, as well as the light they provide.  May we remember these ladies on Mother’s Day, May 14, and throughout our lives.

May the flowers and light of May uplift our minds, bodies, and souls.  May we recognize the beauty God and Mother Nature provide in the skies and landscapes around us, and may the blessings of a mother’s grace lead us onward upon our journey.



Dianthus Lisa A. Wisniewski

A Mother’s Grace

Everlasting rose upon the vine
With a beauty that grows more precious with time
In colors soft and true, brave and bold,
Pink, red, and maroon, white, yellow, and gold,
Blessed by God to help sustain
The seeds sown upon the way,
Providing comfort and peace inside
Through the love of the light
No one can replace
Offered in the hands of a mother’s grace.


Honeysuckle Lisa A. Wisniewski

Ever present flame within the fire
With an energy unrestrained that never tires,
Through wind and rain, sun and stars,
Leading the way with a strong heart,
Lighting the path upon the shores
As time goes on evermore
Through the hills and the fields, mountains and plains,
Made possible by a love revealed in a mother’s grace.


Bleeding Heart Lisa A. Wisniewski

Flower of hope and light
With super powers undefined,
Beautiful in so many ways,
Able to save the day
Every time we fall,
Able to rise above and be strong,
So that we may see
All that we can be
As we make our way
In the wake of a mother’s grace.

For All Mothers

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Tall Phlox Lisa A. Wisniewski

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