Observing Memorial Day (May 29, 2017)


Memorial Day 2017 Lisa A. Wisniewski

We would like to take this opportunity to remember all the men, women, canines, and other service animals who have died while serving in the US Military.  The sacrifice these individuals made is priceless.  May their service never be forgotten or taken for granted.

-Lisa, Sadie, and Leo


Stars and Stripes Lisa A. Wisniewski

Stars and Stripes

Stars and stripes flying in the breeze
In the skies below heaven’s majesty,
Waving in the wind upon the shores,
To and fro again blessed by the Lord,
Standing tall and true, pure and bright,
Leading the soul through another day and night
Through hope and faith
Of those who gave
All they had and then some
So others may have and not want.


God’s Grace Lisa A. Wisniewski

Stars and stripes woven together
Blue and white, bold red forever
Connected by the threads sewn
In time within steps upon the road
Calling for unity and respect
So all may see and not forget
Freedom’s cost along the way
In the song of God’s grace.


Everyplace in Between and All Around Lisa A. Wisniewski

Stars and stripes waving in the wind
Reflecting life and potential given
So that from the sands of the shores
To the trees that stand in the forest floors,
From the mountains capped by snow
To the rivers mapped in the valleys below,
From big city to small town,
To everyplace in between and all around,
Freedom’s song may be heard,
Carried along by those who served.

In honor of Memorial Day 2017 and with much thanks for

All who gave their lives for freedom’s sake

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Above the Trees of the Forest Floor Lisa A. Wisniewski


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