Observing Faith in Colors and How Each Day Unfolds


Rainbow After a Storm Lisa A. Wisniewski

My area had a number of spectacular sights in the skies this past week, including a rainbow after a storm, a very red dawn, and a majestic mix of puffy, white clouds in the blue seas of heaven.  I also had some stellar deer sightings while riding my bike.  Watching the skies change and the deer graze made me feel thankful for being able to spend time in nature and enjoy a few peaceful moments despite all the chaos in the world around me.


Red Dawn Lisa A. Wisniewski

Colors of Faith and Wellness

As I watched the skies, I thought about how faith is similar to the colors.  We go through periods of darkness and light while walking along our path of faith, and often what we see has an impact on how we feel.  We also experience different degrees of faith and trust, depending upon circumstances and knowledge.  The vantage points we do and do not have affect our perspective and how we see what is before us.

At times, we may become somewhat color blind, losing sight of what matters most or not being able to discern the boundaries of right and wrong.  Often, we rely upon what we do not see in order to lead us on our way, and use what we do see as a confirmation for our directions.

Characteristics of Faith

Just like colors, faith has many connotations and meanings.  Some view faith as an inner compass, others view it as divine power, and still others view it as insignificant.  The authors of the books of the Bible used colors and numbers as metaphors to convey their messages of faith and hope.  In doing so, the writers paint a picture for each character in the Bible, allowing us generations later to imagine the scenes and stories still relative to life today.


Stellar Skies Lisa A. Wisniewski

In my meditational readings this week, I have read St. Luke’s account of how the apostles and followers of Jesus tried to increase the numbers of believers and in turn gather God’s people into a congregation of sorts despite the varied backgrounds of their audiences.  In the Acts of the Apostles, St. Luke explains the struggles and triumphs of increasing the faith of the community and its individuals.

While pedaling along beneath the skies this week, I thought about how certain characteristics of life and the people in our lives play a part in our faith foundation.   For me, nature is my go to destination, typically through exercise.  In doing so, I rediscover aspects of my faith and my character that allow me to continue upon the journey.  I also learn more about my surroundings, the connections within my surroundings, and how these connections affect my community and myself.  Often, the colors I see act as guideposts along the way, leading me to new discoveries, old facts, and hidden blessings.

Seeing the White Light 


Red-osier Dogwood Lisa A. Wisniewski

White seems to be the dominant color in the new blooms of the past week.  While riding my bike, running, and walking the dogs, I spotted white flowers on the daisies, wild strawberries, alyssum, poison hemlock, red-osier dogwood, laurel, yarrow, and raspberry bushes.   All the white made me think about the connotations of the color and how it is often linked to faith, purity, innocence, and positivity.

As I watched the white morning mist rise above the fields, I noticed the grace in the misty movement, how innocent and pure the tiny water droplets making up the mist looked, and how positive this sight made me feel.  Though the mist quickly dissipated, the feelings it conveyed stayed with me through the morning hours.


Misty Dawn Lisa A. Wisniewski

Viewing a spider web outlined with dew the next day, I noticed the complexity and detail in the weaving and thought about how the white strands are woven together to form a bond of strength and security.  Like the mist, the white in the spider web provided a positive start to my day, giving me hope for the unknown.

Take Me Home, Color Road

Seeing all the colors of the week in the blooms and the skies also made me feel at home.  The sights reminded me of the John Denver song, Take Me Home Country Road and how the lyrics flow methodically with the music.  Often, I view the colors in the sky as silent songs, music to my soul allowing me the freedom to feel the lyrics, rhythms, and melodies of nature.  It is in this silence that I find faith, hope, and love to continue onward, and it is in this music that I find lessons so valuable in life.

May the colors we see act as guides for our minds, bodies, and souls.  May these colors lead us to connections and answers to the questions we have, and may the songs of silence allow us to see the blessings of life in how each day unfolds. 


Dew on the Grass Lisa A. Wisniewski


Spider Web in Driveway Stones Lisa A. Wisniewski

How Each Day Unfolds

In the dew on the grass in the early morning light,
In the spider web cast in the stones upon the drive,
In the clouds high above the trees,
In the moon coming out to play in the night breeze,
In the mist of the dawn
In the flowers kissed by God
All the hues play a role
In how each day unfolds.


Spirea Lisa A. Wisniewski


Doe in the Woods Lisa A. Wisniewski

In the rainbow after the rain,
In the spirea that grows unrestrained,
In the grass of the fields,
In the doe trying to pass through the woods concealed,
In the colors of the skies
In the shelter of the sun’s light
Every shade offers something to behold
In how each day unfolds.


Crown of Walnut Tree Lisa A. Wisniewski


Blueberries Forming Lisa A. Wisniewski

In the crown of the walnut tree,
In the furry down of the little bunny,
In the growing leaves and twisting vines,
In the glowing stars of the skies,
In the rhubarb and blueberries,
In the art of nature weaved,
Every color takes a hold
In how each day unfolds.

-Lisa A. Wisniewski


Music for the Soul Lisa A. Wisniewski

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